The Need for Christ’s Enablement

The Need for Christ's Enablement

The Need for Christ’s Enablement

Life is a warfare where only the serious minded are victorious; victory obtained through Christ Jesus is victory indeed. The rest is history. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, not only had authority over unclean spirits, He also had power to force them to come out. So, as Christ followers, not only do we have authorities over diseases and demonic activities, we also have the power of God to actual control them – power to tell them where to go and they must obey. As Christians, we do not need to worry about satan or being frustrated by his tactics, such as sickness, setback, disappointment, and the like. Instead, it is our duty to challenge him boldly because we have the power of the name, Jesus Christ at our command. I mean, we have Christ’s enablement to disable satan and his activities in all areas of our lives.

In Luke 9:1-2, Christ Jesus sent his disciples out with authority and power for an effective witnessing in both word and life. In other words, Christ Jesus Empowered His disciples to change situations – to heal, deliver, bless and save the world, and He still empowers His true disciples today. Are you one of His true disciples? This empowerment we are talking about is for whosoever wills or desires because to Christ Jesus, what is important is the ability to register one’s genuine willingness to receive of Him, the job is half done already for Christ Jesus iswilling to give.

In John 1:1-15 and John 15:3, we are told that Christ and the word are one. And it is acting on the word that builds faith in the heart of the believer. It is the word dwelling in you which is equivalent to Christ personally being in you, that is, the indwelling word. If there is no indwelling word, Christ Himself will not come to the scene when you call His name or answer your prayers because the word dominating you is the lordship of Christ in you. That is, the word dominating you is the Christ you are calling to the scene – to heal, deliver, bless or save. It is the word that has thought us the value, the authority and our legal right of the use of the name, Jesus Christ.

It is essential to know that, Christ Jesus has not given us a powerless authority because authority will be meaningless without power behind it. Remember, in our dwelling with diseases and demonic activities, we do not only need to say, “I am coming in the name and authority of Jesus Christ” but also of power. We need to realize this and speak in keeping with this power. If not, there will then be a great danger of waste in prayer. If your prayer is not according to the truth of God’s word, it will be idle, meaningless and oftentimes destructive.

The name, Jesus Christ has power indeed but only among those who are committed to the glory of Heaven. The power that flows from His name, the power we will realize in calling His name, will be in proportion to our love for His word. When that love is expressed, don’t be surprised to see things changed, loosed bound and signs and wonders. Remember, anyone who does not love cannot be entrusted with such powers to heal, deliver, bless and save because he will misappropriate it, use it to hurt himself and others. When our Spirit acts upon the word, the Spirit will be released to the degree we stand in reverence of His word. To stand in reverence of His word is to hear His word, not only with our ears but most importantly with our heart. To hear the word of God in our hearts requires openness and hunger for God’s words. Christ has no place in a life that is not dominated by the word of God because the word dominating you is the Lordship of Christ in you.

Genuine Christians always receives instruction from the Spirit of God. Therefore, in each instance, a specific intimation or suggestion always comes to them from the Spirit of God that the action should be performed. God Himself inspires the Spirit to speak. Until the Spirit of God whispers or suggest, such will not occur, and when it does, it will not fail. Such was the case of Apostle Paul in Acts 16:16-18. A specific intimation or suggestion came to Apostle Paul from the Spirit of God to command the evil spirit to come out of the slave girl and immediately he did so the evil spirit left her. This means that without a specific intimation or suggestion from the Spirit of God to call the name, Jesus Christ and we call the name, our words will be idle, meaningless and oftentimes destructive. Such was the case with the seven sons of Sceva in Acts 19:14-16.  They were going about with photocopy power – power that couldn’t not stand the test of time. The result of their encounter with the evil spirit shows that they were imitators of Apostle Paul. Remember, faith is not an imitation. It cannot be imitated. It must arise in each person’s heart. This means that God will not meet you because you imitate what someone else did. God Almighty will meet you when you obey what He told you to do by His Spirit based on His word. In other words, it is the doer of the word that receives tings from God. Idle words may entertain men but they do not reach God.

The cases of Apostle Paul and the seven sons of Sceva show that we have two categories of people in Christendom today: We have believers of the language of the Bible and users of the language of today. Which category do you belong? Remember, a man can profess to be a believer or a follower of Christ Jesus and not such in heart.

People of God, the language of Bible God used to create and save us, to heal and bless us, to judge and rule over us is different from the language of today. We use the language of today to instruct our children, sin, gossip, abuse and condemn. It cannot heal, deliver, bless or save. The language of the Bible heals, delivers, blesses and saves because it is inspired by the Holy Ghost. There is no way we can successfully carry out Christian services without Christ enablement.

Authority tells me that Jesus Christ is the Healer, Deliverer and Savior of the world but power makes healing, deliverance and salvation happen in reality. Therefore, it is of absolute necessity to speak the name, Jesus Christ with power, otherwise you are embarking on a dangerous mission because satan reacts violently, destructively and deadly when you call that name, Jesus Christ authoritatively but without power behind it. Ask the seven sons of Sceva and they will tell you that evil spirits recognizes impostors and can distinguish them from those with real Spiritual power.

Can you now see the need for Christ’s enablement in your life as a Christian? God bless you.


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