You Are Extremely Valuable

You Are Extremely Valuable

By Soogun Omoniyi

An unknown musician drops his nice Louis Vuitton shoes before you, Don Jazzy also slides his Louis Vuitton towards you. You’re to choose one, which will you go for?

I want to believe no one will think so hard before picking Don Jazzy’s, why? Is it because it has a different color? No. It belongs to Don Jazzy! That’s just it. This brings one to a wonderful conclusion that the value of a thing can be linked to it’s owner. The more powerful, famous, influential a person is, the more valuable his properties. Right?

The value of a thing is also a function of its price- how much you’re willing to pay for it. So, it’s correct to say even an ancient Datsun that one is willing to pay billions for, has more value than the newest Range Rover that costs no so much. Simply put, you worth whatever anyone has paid to have you.

Now look, you want to know how valuable you are? Ask yourself these questions,1. Who owns me? Is God your owner? If He is, mhen you’re extremely valuable.

  1. How much do I cost? Do you know you’re so valuable that nothing else could pay your price expect the blood of Jesus? Are you aware you’re priceless? Because that blood actually is. Now, this is what I call worth.

Let this sink into you this week and forever. YOU ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE. You cannot be disadvantaged, you cannot be pushed back, God is your father, He bought you with a price. You can only stand out.

You Are Extremely Valuable

You really think He would have spend that much on you if you were worthless? No, He saw something worth dying for! Boast in this, in His love, stand and walk tall… What on earth is even Low Self Esteem?

You’re heavily backed. Know who and whose you’re.

Written by Soogun Omoniyi

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