Podcast: 3 Habits You Need To Remain Sane

Podcast: 3 Habits You Need To Remain Sane

As far as I am concerned, Sanity is happiness. If you are not happy, it is a form of insanity.On today’s podcast, I shared 3 habits you need to remain sane in this world of ours.Do click play to listenDownload and listenAlso remember to share with friends. Dont have my voice all to yourself :DSend your opinion, feedback or suggestions to elsieisy@gmail.com or use the comment box below. I sure do want to hear from you.Now lets get down to business

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  1. this is ugochi. i listened in. first time i’ll fess. lol. interesting to hear your voice. let me add my own 2 kobo: don’t sweat the small stuff esp if u get into the habit of asking yourself this, “will this matter tomorrow? next week? next month? next year? stay on the grind girl. u r headed for the top.

    1. Thank you Ugochi for listening and thank you for adding yours. Well appreciated.

  2. Wow! It was really worth the download and worth listening to as well. Loving one self, loving God and utilizing time in doing useful things is paramount. Well-done Elsie’ nice voice you got too.

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