By Sanchez AisosaATTRACTIONThe perfectly shaped body and eyesLuscious lips and a decapitating smileAccompained by a beautiful mindArrests minds and eyes as she walks onEnchanting voice lost of words as she talks onHappy minds chirping feet approachingEars listening her body talking as she comes onThoughts of her cannot be regurgitatedCaptures the hearts of yours and mindOthers want a nick of her present in their linesIn time she tastes better as fineIDEALHer choice of shoes and skirtsDecisive when she picks her shirtsSuperb how she chews and drinksAnd cheers when she winsThe gentle pretty gulps when she swallows and singsSuperbly wittedEven when not in season she never wiltedBamboozing every sapien be why she ll be convictedShe dope make of wonder if her pa be a drug dealerSuch enormous beauty defies its description on paperMADDENINGShe shouldn’t wear make-up she be messing with perfectionIf looks could kill she ll d be a case of mass genocismIsn’t a word in the dictionary for how good she looksNo taste of approval for the food she cooksEvery minute with her makes the smaller of tickNatural like natural hair on fleekA february 30 is day you stop lusting for herAMBITIOUSTreacherous, anything for the fixThe zenith of ambitionsStanding off of off afflictionsNot anything goesDoesn’t, like a leave free when the wind blowsEnd point know, like average titre calculated and shownShown to the unknown so they can know thatWith a jet engine her dreams have flownSown to we to changeHer fears are one thing her determination is insaneMinds crazy, sexy as its carriageTalk,smart;walk, sharp turns headsShort breaths in the raceIn a couple of years she gonna be top of her raceAnd i want nothing more than to describe her in that phaseImage Source: Pretty Girl by SuperTJ

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