Ripple Effect

Tunde had a weird family. His mother had sex with him, and his sister with their dad. And to them it seemed like a normal thing. Tunde grew up and had his own family and thought to himself, “my father had sex with my sister so I should do so with my daughters.”

Tunde had three beautiful daughters and from the day they saw their first periods they started getting visits at night and even during the day when mum was away. At first they all hated it, then they started to accept it but Tunmi, the youngest more than accepted it, she loved it. She looked forward to the visits from dad. She got addicted to sex and like every other addict, she needed a regular fix. So when daddy dearest was away on a trip once upon a time, Tunmi snuck into the houseboy’s room and offered herself to him, then she added the security guard, gardener, boys at her school, and well everyone she knew who had a penis to the list. Tunmi got into the university and became a “runs babe” for the fun of it. She didn’t need the money, she had all that money could buy, all she wanted was the D.

But a certain day came and Tunmi’s roommate Shayo whom they nicknamed holy Mary because she decided to follow Christ dragged her along to fellowship. Tunmi knew she would be bored so she decided she would find a guy to flirt with at the fellowship. She knew not all Christian men were Christianly. After all, her most regular customer was a pastor. So Tunmi followed Shayo to fellowship but instead of meeting a guy she met the guy, she met a guy who rocked her world and made her question every decision she had ever made, who made her question her father’s decisions, who loved her even though he knew her story, who didn’t want her body. Tunmi made a true friend that night. She planned to meet a guy she would probably bed that night but she met Jesus. She gave her life to Christ that evening and just like Mary Magdalene, she went from a whore to a treasured friend of God.

Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi
Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi

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