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ladies and skirts

Nearly all ladies have dress rehearsals every night. Once when I stayed with my dandy friend, Jane, she would keep changing clothes until she got the right ones to wear for the next day…even at that, she still would find it difficult to decide what exactly to wear so she would put aside three or four chosen outfits and finally make her choice the following day. That is called planning the day before the day.

I soon started, in addition to the dress rehearsals, doing make-up rehearsals. Well, I stopped when Jeans and T-shirts became my daily outfit. I would just change blouses, accessories and rush to work. A lady whose regular outfit is t-shirt and Jean doesn’t have to do dress rehearsals before leaving home…Once in a while though, especially when you know that you just might dress very feminine the next day, a dress rehearsal is advised.

Picture this:

A lady rehearses for close to two hours the night she decides she would wear a skirt out the next day until she gets the perfect outfit. She also creates a check-list to make sure that she doesn’t miss anything out. D-day comes and she baths with extra care, she practically does everything with extra care, she wears her make-up with care, coating and coloring her face with such care only a non-expert has, she dresses her hair and is finally ready to hit the road, stands in front of the mirror for about 10 minutes, which does not seem like a lot of time at the time. Finally, she is then ready to go into the world…

Door is open, she steps out and just when she is about to lock the door, she runs back into the room because you know, one cannot be too careful; she has no roommate to tell her how she looks. So she looks back at the mirror and she is satisfied with what she sees. She also remembers that she has not sprayed all the perfumes, she does all that. She likes the way she smells even though she is choking n her own room because of the many perfume combination she has  used…she winks back at her mirror image and is finally set to go out.

One thing she does not take into consideration is that she has no car…there is no vehicle to take her to her destination and the sun is beginning to get hot but what is the point of getting dressed when there is no one to look at you Right? So she starts to walk till she hopefully sees a vehicle to take her to her destination, she knows that, in the village where she stays, she will not find a ‘big boy’ so she tries to walk fast so that her make-up doesn’t get ruined, the skirt is slowing her pace…she thinks people are looking at her. She feels really good, cleaning her face with her now sweat-drenched handkerchief, until finally, a tricycle (kekenapep) comes to her rescue and she makes her way to civilization. Upon reaching civilization, she wants to take a cab but she has to use the bus because the bus is cheaper. This is the moment of truth, where she has to prove to all that she is a lady and that even ladies can use the bus without feeling embarrassed. She adjusts her leg, looks into the bus, she has to sit in the back seat. She raises her ‘pencil skirt’ a little bit, takes one leg up and suddenly, a disturbing noise….no not a fart, the slit of the skirt tears…and the day ends just as it starts for she has to walk back home, walking differently and if she is not bold enough, s conscious of the way she walks. All eyes are probably on her but this feeling she does not like.

This scenario, and the thought that someone might decide to snatch my bag because I might look like a rich kid, and it would be hard to run after HIM, is what I paint in my head before I make the very dangerous decision: the decision to wear a skirt. A dress is much better and a skirt is best when you have your own car or when you can afford to charter a cab.

I know they make us look very feminine…dresses, skirts etc. I also know that some churches are against female folk putting on pants, trousers. The Bible, according to these preachers is against a woman wearing what belongs to a man… yes because trousers were made for men and men only. Beloved Brethren, I have absolutely nothing to say about it, maybe I do want to say something but I would hate to incur the wrath of the chosen men of God. I love dresses, I have really nice legs and what better way to show them off than wear short, fitted dresses that accentuate my feminine figure and ‘hot legs’; nice pencil skirts with wonderful slits that make men want to catch a glimpse of what is beneath. These clothes make a woman walk (not run) with pride especially when the skirts are paired with the right accessories and wonderful high heels to match… and bags…Gosh! This would surely make other female folks jealous, but no…I now think twice before taking such a huge step

Written by Aidee
Written by Aidee

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