Olajumoke’s Story: 8 Lessons For Nigerian Women

Olajumoke's Story: 8 Lessons For Nigerian Women

Let’s get serious people! Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Atheist or non-Nigerian, we all have secretly prayed for the kind of luck Olajumoke Orisaguna has. That OMG! moment where you loudly or silently say, “but I have been hustling na, why is my own situation this hard?”, “God why? do I have to sell bread to be noticed?”… “I joined in the Mountain of fire 21days fasting and prayer at the beginning of this year and I still have not met my TY Bello.”.

You should know or remember that the destiny accorded to each and every one of us differs and the way and manner God executes his plans in our lives also differ. Raising prayer points with Olajumoke and TY Bello in every sentence will not change your situation but will rather compound your problems.

As much as I have my reservations about Olajumoke and the brands jumping on her case like the relationship between sugar and ants (I sincerely do hope they do same for Oresegun Olumide), here are 8 lessons we all should take home from Olajumoke story.

  1. This is the opportunity age.

Ever wondered what would have happened if Olajumoke photobombed the very same celebrity photo-shoot with TY Bello as the photographer in the year 1999? If you have not, then please do for 30seconds. If you have weighed the medium which brought her to lime light and how information (trends) travel these days compared to then, you will have the same answer – Nothing! Olajumoke’s picture with Tinie Tempah would probably be on some newspaper without recognition. We are in the social media age, one I love to call the opportunity age. Even brands that have made their name and fame before social media found their way into the social media space to dominate. Anything can happen on social media, it is a space of opportunity for everyone. Not just a group of people but for everyone. You might want to say her story leveraged on the large following of TY Bello and her celebrity status, I agree. But check out the talented Oresegun Olumide who has been featured on CNN and definitely more to come. He didn’t pay anybody to get him where he is today, it was just putting social media to good use and we all were able to place Oresegun Olumide in the eyes of the world. With focus, hard work, dedication, proper use of social media and luck, one can achieve one’s heart desires.

  1. Looking good is good business

You definitely have seen the very picture which caused the search of Olajumoke. Yes she was not rich, not wealthy, not from a rich home, not even sure she had a bank account but chic was looking smart and beautiful. Hair kept, mild make up and lovely fashion styling. You do not need to be rich to look neat, smart and good. If she came out looking tattered and un-kept, I am very sure the pictures with her face would have ended up in the recycle bin…No time

Olajumoke's Story: 8 Lessons For Nigerian Women

  1. Start doing something, Get busy!

Start doing something no matter how little it may seem. Someone somewhere is watching. The story of the female cab driver in Abuja trended yesterday. It did trend because she is a graduate and doing a job society have preserved for men. 99% of women out there will not want to take up a cab job just because they feel they should not. It’s time we stop allowing society dictate our direction except you are checking out how the general policy affects your business plan. Get busy! Do something! Don’t wait for that manner from above!

  1. Stay true to your hustle

Whatever hustle you have chosen, stay true to it. Be consistent! Be focused on your game. On that fateful day, Jumoke was not looking for a photo shoot to disturb, she was simply minding her business on her usual path.

  1. Imitation will not bring you glory

Because Olajumoke accidentally walked into a high-end photo shoot and it shot her into fame doesn’t mean same will work for you. Do you really think Olajumoke is the first lady to walk into a shoot in Nigeria?

  1. Do not look down on anybody

Its as simple as you just read, do not look down on anybody. Jumoke must have sold bread to some people who would find joy in insulting her for nothing just because she is a common bread seller. But today, Olajumoke is one of those they read in the news and can only hope they see her someday for a selfie. Life is a pot of burnt beans.

  1. On the road to glory, Somehow, shame abide

I know how much we despise the thought of hawking. Of course it’s a decent way of living and people like Olajumoke of the past engage in this trade to take care of their family. Your own case doesn’t have to be hawking, no matter how tushed you think your profession is, before you get to that place of fresh air, you will encounter shame, people will trample on you, look down on you, but you will and must keep your head high always. Keep doing what you do, you will look back someday soon and smile. Your shame is meant to bring you fame.

  1. You have your own TY Bello

Oh yes! We all do have our TY Bello(s). No matter what you are doing today, people are watching. Your own TY Bello might not be part of those watching you now but will join in soon. Your TY Bello probably doesn’t even need to watch you, all your case needs to be settled might be a camera who would be your mouth piece to your TY Bello. Your TY Bello may just have to watch you for a minute, it doesn’t have to be a life time. So keep doing what you do.

Olajumoke's Story: 8 Lessons For Nigerian Women

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