Let People Lay Their Beds And Lie On It

Let People Lay Their Beds And Lie On It - elsieisy blog

As you lay your bed, so you must lie on it – Daniel J. Boorstin

The above saying has definitely got to be one of the oldest quotes ever but I have realised that the only time this quote pops up in my head is when I am about to lie on my bed without laying it properly or not. Please don’t tell me this is just me…

Sometimes I smile while still on the bed, especially when not properly laid, telling myself, ‘na me go sha lie on the bed like that, who e concern?’ Sometimes I get up and lay it properly.

There are wise sayings I remember while going about my daily activities but this one never comes up and last night, I was wondering why. Does it mean that the literal meaning of the saying is too relatable that I would rather remember it when going to bed?

The saying simply means all of us are responsible for our actions and we must put up with them.

And that makes me wonder if the society and not just me only do remember this saying when it’s time to go bed.

If not, then tell me why we constantly want to influence people’s decision forcefully, knowing fully well that they’d lay on their bed just as they have made it.

In the guise of ‘it is my opinion’ while not having an opinion on our own personal issues.

If not then why do we judge others when you have not even walked a pole in their shoes?

As each man or woman lays his or her bed, so they’d lie on it. If you remember this, then you should not continue drinking headache for other people’s headache when their decisions or way of life is not affecting you nor influencing the next person (especially you).

Think about it. I know I will remember this saying tonight again, I know you will. But I think we should try remember it often.

People’s personal decisions are exactly what it is – personal. Their choices are theirs. They’d bear the consequences alone, either good or bad. Let them breath. They do not need you to remind them of a certain societal expectation. They do not want to live their lives to please you or the society. They live for themselves. They know where the shoe bites.

Just let people lay their beds and lie on it.

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  1. Our choices either make or break us. Laying bed of stones would definitely hurt, so its wise to think our actions through at all time cos we are definitely going to live with the consequences

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