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After Patience told me she was pregnant I tried to comfort her the best way I could by patting her shoulder hoping that will send a little warmth to ease her distress. With the way she was so full of confidence the first time I saw her I pegged her a strong lady coupled with her being a prostitute so it got me wondering why she was crying acting all broken inside. I was soon to find out after calling Nurse Ngozi to attend to her. The minute she saw Ngozi she gave way to tears again, wailing helplessly

Ahhhh nurse I don die. I am finished ohhhhhhhhhhh

Her hands were on her head as she wailed with no shame whatsoever.

What is it this time Patience ehnn?

Ngozi asked with a disapproving look on her face.

“Haaa nurse you tell me but I no hear o, I no listen ohh, heyyyy, my job don finish, na who go dey give me money na, na who go dey give me money make I take care of myself? The yeye boyfriend I get na me dey still give am money. Another man go fuck me give me money and the mumu boy go still collect if I give am

I used my hand to stifle the laugh I was so sure will erupt out of my lung if I fail to hold it in.

Ngozi was growing impatient, she didn’t find the whole dramatic display funny the way I did.

Please Patience, this is a hospital not a market place. The fact that you are a friend doesn’t give you the privilege to come here and lament about your personal life. If you have anything to discuss apart from anything that has to do with your health please see me privately, preferably at home

Ahhhh nurse na we we oh, na my health carry me come oh

Patience did try to compose herself by cleaning the tears off her face with the back of her palm while lowering her voice.

Then if that is the case desist from such dramatic display and tell me what the problem is

Patience had this pitiful look on her face as she looked up at Ngozi

Promise me say you no go vex for me

“Oh I just don’t believe this

Ngozi almost shouted out as she turned and made to walk away from us but Patience was too fast. She held unto Ngozi’s hand refusing to let go when Ngozi tried to drag her hand out of her grip.

Abeg, nurse please oh, forgive me

There is nothing to forgive you stupid girl, silly silly girl. Now kindly let go of my hand cos I am not going to be a party to any more termination of pregnancy for you.”

Nurse no be that one be the issue oh. If na that be the issue I for no dey cry

Ngozi paused to look at her. I was also looking at Patience. When you look at her you could see there was something else troubling her. As I said before, she doesn’t strike me like someone that would be scared of terminating another pregnancy except something else was involved. When Ngozi saw the seriousness of her plight she invited her into one of the offices we use to see patients when neither of the doctors is available. There she told us what was bugging her. A friend of hers invited her to her church. It was a prophetic church and out of curiosity she had gone to witness the powers her friend told her the man of God had. During the service the man of God called her out and told her that if she goes to terminate the pregnancy she was carrying she will bleed to death and die. She didn’t even know she was pregnant. He told her other things about her life and that God loves her so she should quit the job she was doing and start a new life. But Patience wasn’t ready to quit what brought her daily bread neither was she ready to die. She went for a pregnancy test which came back positive. She wasn’t a quitter so she followed one of her colleagues that attends a white garment church. The pastor told her the same thing; if she gets rid of the pregnancy she will die.

I and Ngozi sighed at the same time after listening to her. We were both loss of words.

So na so I see myself oh, me wey swear say I no go do like my other two elder sisters been do. Them born full for house, one of them for two different men. You see that kind useless thing!!! Me I say na for husband house me I go born

I turned to look at Ngozi with that look of ‘so ashawo too dey marry‘ on my face. She shrugged as she smiled at me. I guess she was just as amazed as I was.

So my dear Patience what do you think I can do to help you cause seriously it seems my hands are tied. If only you had listened to me. If only you had heed my advice by having safe sex

Nurse no be my fault. That my borbor no gree hear me. He too stubborn. I tell am say nurse say make we use rubber but him say wetin nurse sabi. Na him I allow am because as I no gree am make him do without rubber na him he no con dey come house, later I con see am with one small girl like that. Trust me na, I burst bottle for the Babe head, no time. Me and him fight but we con settle and we use better fuck take settle. Fear con dey catch me to tell am make him use rubber before him vex again leave me so na so we take hammer raw and belle enter again

Just hear yourself Patience, and belle con enter” Ngozi mimicked her

Wetin nurse sabi abi, Wetin I sabi? Now listen to me and answer truthfully. Who goes through the pains whenever you have an abortion, you or your boyfriend?

Na me” Patience replied head downcast staring at the tiled floor

Good. Now who is the one that is going to have this baby and all the pains that goes with it

This time Patience was crying again as she answered

Na me oh

Good. Is it all worth it? Your boyfriend will not go through shit, he is out there probably banging another girl

Patience refused to answer which made Ngozi angry. She stamped her hand on the desk

You will answer me. Is it worth it?

E no worth am at all” Patience finally said


I didn’t envy her at all. Neither did I envy any student that will be in Ngozi’s class if she decides to be a teacher.

Now I will give you hot injection hoping those pastors are wrong. At least it’s not the main D and C. If it doesn’t flush out the first time we will try it two more times and if it doesn’t bulge then you’ll have no choice but to have this baby. I sincerely hope you learn from this all.


“But nurse I no want the pikin

Poor child whose fate was already being decided before it was near its second trimester.

Then give it away. I know this couple that might want the baby. I’ll talk to them when the time is right

She stood up finally smiling to hug Ngozi

I know say you no go ever fit abandon your girl. I been talk am say if anybody fit help me na nurse


Ngozi pushed her away

Agreeing to help you doesn’t mean I’m happy with you. Come with me so I can give you the injection

They both walked away while I stood there staring at their back. Crazy!!! I had nothing else to say so I walked back to my duty post. The day moved so fast that before I knew what was happening it was almost closing. Yetunde was nowhere to be found so I guessed she and Dr. James were somewhere banging their brains out while I believed Dr. Miles watched from his laptop. Sick man. Then I remembered I had once peeped in on them while they had sex. I was no better. At least I didn’t blackmail anybody and that made me better than him. Finally it was time to close. I picked up my few belongings transferred them to my bag. I felt like a prisoner just out of jail as I hit the street. I could never get use to the smell of the disinfectant that hovers round the hospital like a ghost hunting the place. A black familiar car stopped in front of me. I was surprised to see Bosco.

Hi baby do you need a ride

I looked at him suspiciously before entering his car. After what happened I didn’t trust him. Not that I ever had but I was now weary of him.

Bosco na wa, wetin bring you come this side

“Was just driving by and there you were standing there looking like a damsel in distress

I smiled, he wasn’t fooling anyone least of all me

Common talk to me, what really brought you here”


He smiled. The smile of a snake. Anytime I look at him I still wondered what Linda saw in him. I wouldn’t date him even if he came with a million naira. One woman’s meat really is another’s woman’s poison.

Ok Babe you got me” he said as he lifted both hands from the steering wheel like he was surrendering. I quickly looked at the road with fear in my hands. When he saw I was scared he quickly returned his hands back.

Relax na, you too dey fear

Well if he had nothing to live for, I do. I wanted to get out of his car fast. Bosco was a lousy driver. He drove too fast and never obeyed the road safety rules and regulation.

So tell me the koko na, I have work tomorrow

Relax jor. Ok here is the thing. I have a job for you, a job that will fetch you big money.

Not interested


Bosco was bad news. I didn’t want anything to do with his operations. I only went to him for help because I had nowhere else to go to.

“Na wa for you oh, you no even want make I land

I just remembered I wasn’t putting on my seat belt when he overtook a car with such speed. I hurriedly put it on praying silently.

You don’t need to land oh I’m not interested. I like my life and I hate anything that will make me visit the police

He burst out laughing and almost hit a car in front of us. If I arrive home safely I promised God not to miss Sunday service.

Wait oh, see this Babe oh, you think I’ll use you for that kind work. You wey no get liver. See as you dey even shake as I dey drive. No piss for pant abeg oh” he laughed some more.

I was really not interested in what he had to say.

Babe e get this runs wey I wan give you ehnn if you do am well you go even buy motor and build house join

Now he really had my attention.

E get this don, don Corleon, I told the don about you and he is interested in meeting you

I turned in my seat facing him

What did you tell him about me? And why does he want to see me? And will just seeing me make him get me a car?

Babe you too dey rush, all this plenty questions which one will I answer now?


“Answer all one by one”


“Ok I will but promise not to be mad at me”


I was already getting mad.


“Bosco what have you done now?”


“Nothing babe. You see the Don is a drug lord, he got shot some days ago, he can’t go to the hospital with a gun wound so he needs a nurse to attend to him, you have nothing to worry about. You will be paid handsomely, I’m talking about 1.5 million naira.”


I didn’t know my mouth was opened wide till I felt spittle almost dripping out of my mouth. I immediately shut it close.


“1.5 million naira just for treating him?”


“Emmm, well, the Don has a huge sexual appetite and sometimes will need you to take care of those appetites. I know you are very good at it” he winked at me to drive home his point.


“You can’t be serious, you want me to treat him and also be fucking him”


“For almost 2 million. You can even get more if you are very good in bed. I know you are dear, what I saw in that tape is crazy. If not that you are friends with Linda I would have loved to tap that ass myself” he winked again


I closed my eyes at the thought of having anything to do with Bosco sexually. Ewww…


“You don’t have to worry baby, Don is quite handsome and generous, look what he said I should give you to go get yourself some nice sexy things before coming to see him”


He dipped his hand into his pocket bringing out two bundle of one thousand naira notes. My mouth opened again. 2 hundred thousand naira just like that. That was my salary for 4 months. 4 months of working my butt off. After transport expenses I had less than 30k, not to talk of my hair and cream. Here I am with 200k sitting on my laps just to look good. This Don must really be generous. Now I’m seriously considering being the Don’s personal nurse and sextress if there was such a word, after all I had no boyfriend so I wasn’t answerable to anyone. I smiled at Bosco and he smiled back.

Written by Tanya
Written by Tanya

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