Lesbian Attempt – 2


episode 1

I left Anita’s apartment and went straight to Mikey’s: I knew she and her gang were not going to just let me go although they may have seen that my boyfriend was the leader of the most notorious male cult and they could annihilate Anita and her entire crew without giving it a second thought but I wasn’t going to take chances. Plus, I made a promise and I had to make sure there were people ready to fulfill it for me.

I got to Mikey’s place and he was out, I decided to wait for him so I went to his room and fell asleep while waiting. I was awakened by loud music and Mikey’s oh so sweet voice. His voice is soft yet masculine with a baritone undertone, long story short his voice could make any girl fall in love. I turned to face him with a smile that evaporated when I noticed how intense his glare was (if looks could kill, I’d be dead already).

At that moment I knew the good news had spread already but why he was angry at me was what I couldn’t decipher. Was I supposed to let her have her way? There’s already one too many homos in my life and though I have nothing against them, I wasn’t about to join the bandwagon. He asked for details and I told him everything the way I remembered it. He nodded and told me Anita was out to get me (that wasn’t a surprise, what kind of bad ass cultist would she be if she wasn’t coming after me? But it was still bad news) and I had to stay locked up in his place till my mess was cleaned up. He left to join the party and I went back to sleep.

I ended up thinking about him instead; I’ve been in love with Michael for years, we met on my first day in high school and we’ve been inseparable since then. He was a prefect and I was late that morning and he pardoned me because according to him I was his mother’s namesake. He became my school father after that and he was hands down the hottest guy in school so I couldn’t help crushing on and later falling in love with him but Michael had never been into girls. The day I found out I almost died, we were walking home from school one evening when he confided in me and asked to be his cover up girlfriend, I played it cool but I cried myself to sleep that night, I even fell sick. I was really heartbroken. But I never told him how I felt, I didn’t tell anyone not even my diary (he has an annoying habit of reading it).

Approaching footsteps brought me out of my reverie and Mikey walked in with Bisi one of Anita’s goons, she was her right hand man in fact. To say I was shocked would be an understatement, I was definitely on a higher level at that time. She repeated everything that Mikey said and added a solution of course, the only way to keep her boss quiet was to take her out. That wasn’t going to happen. I do not take people out that’s a bloody criminal offense. My decision put me in a critical position, in Bisi’s words “I just dug my own fucking grave” but I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to kill anyone or order their deaths and I certainly wasn’t gonna stay holed up in Mikey’s apartment.

I left Mikey’s place and went back to mine, I knew I was probably not gonna live long enough to regret this but it didn’t matter as long as I wasn’t the one doing the killing and being a lesbian isn’t an option


Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi
Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi

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  1. Just when i thought Mikey was going to be Capt. America of this story, he’s also bitching

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