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Business has stopped being as usual years ago but 2020 and battling coronavirus disease have helped reiterate and emphasize the importance of digitalization for businesses and brands in this part of the world. One of the richest business magnate in the world, Bill Gate was the one who said – “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” Are you a business owner? Brand manager? Influencer? Motivational speaker? Whatever your business is, your discoverability on Search is essential and could be the key to setting you apart from your competition. People able to be searched for and found on google search engine is usually a factor of  them having a website, social profiles, and other information spread across many sites. But what happens when you are just getting started or do not have enough online presence to be recognized or found by google?

Elsie Godwin’s People Card

Google has newly launched a mobile-only feature – People Card– which makes it easier for people to discover you on Search. By creating a People Card, you can highlight your social profiles and other information about yourself or your business that you want others to know. Instead of waiting on someone or a group of people to consider you valuable enough to create a Wikipedia page for your personality or brand, you can create your own digital footprint by taking advantage of people card.

How to Create your people card

Wale Adetona’s People Card

What you need:

Create your people card

  1. On your mobile device, go to google.com, or open the Google Search app .
  2. Search for yourself or search ‘add me to google’ or ‘edit my people card” 
  3. At the top of search results, you’ll find the option to add yourself to Google Search. Tap Get started.
  4. Fill out the information that you want to share publicly on your card. These fields are required:
    • Summary
    • Profession
  5. At the bottom, tap Preview.
  6. If you’re satisfied with your card, tap Submit.

Tip: It can take up to a few hours for your card to show up in Google Search results. If you share a name with someone famous, you might need to add a distinguishable term to your profile. This term will help other people in their search query. For example, “Aamir Khan food Blogger” or “Aamir Khan tutor.”

Nosakhare Iyamu’s people card

Content guidelines for your people card

Shawttynatt foods’ People card

The content on your people card:

  • Should be a true representation of who you are and what you do. You should use the name which others would enter when they search for you. Your profile picture should be a recognizable image of yourself. Do not pretend or in any way attempt to confuse or mislead. Your card should not make others believe that you are someone else or represent an organization you do not represent.
  • Should not contain solicitation or other forms of advertisement. Avoid subjective terms like “best”, “only”, and “cheapest.”
  • Must not include negative, derogatory, or comparative statements about other individuals, groups, events, or issues. This includes employers and other organizations to which you belong(ed). They should not be described beyond your affiliation.
  • Must not in any way promote, incite, or support hate, violence, or unlawful behavior. It should not contain profane, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate language. It should not incite or support unlawful behavior.
  • Must respect the rights of others, including intellectual property and privacy rights. In particular, do not upload images or text that you do not have the right to use.


  • Google doesn’t guarantee that your card will show up on Google Search. The more info you provide in your card, the more likely it will show up in Google Search results.
  • This feature is available in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, for users that have their set language to English. This feature isn’t available yet on desktop.

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