By Idowu Omisore

Your generosity will affect you and the generations after you.  Generosity is the quality of being kind and generous. Generous people have large hearts.  Large hearts are very scarce.  What we have almost everywhere are small, selfish hearts. We are all born with the natural tendency to fend for ourselves alone. Generous people are willing to share their money, food, time, resources with you. Parents have a responsibility to inculcate generosity in their kids by showing them examples and also correcting them when they refuse to share with other kids. We have to stretch our small hearts and rise above selfishness.

This is based on the law of sowing and reaping. What kind of seeds are you sowing today?  If you plant the seed of wickedness, you would be putting yourself and your generation in jeopardy. It would have been alright if you will be the only one to reap the fruits of your wickedness but harvest will flow onto the unborn generations who know nothing about what you did.

Be conscious of your deeds.  Consciously perform acts of kindness.  I realize it does not cost much to show simple acts of kindness.  It is a thing of the heart. Some people have a very narrow perspective of kindness. It starts from speaking kindly to others, encouraging with your words; even your smile can dispel someone’s grief. Kindness is not just giving people money. When you have a heart of kindness, you will be creative in the ways you relate with people around your life.

This piece was inspired by a devotional message I received this morning. Let me share the message with you. The Psalmist in the Bible declared that “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. He is merciful, and lends; and his SEED is blessed.”  The scripture above highlights the fact that the good deeds we do not only affects us but also our children. If you have you done good deeds and have not seen the reward, do not consider it done in vain. You may not see it in your generation, but there is a God who will ensure that generations after you do not go unrewarded.

Today, show some kindness. Look for opportunities to help someone. Put a smile on someone’s face.  Send a text message to somebody. Pray for someone. These days, many of us are too busy to be kind.  Kindness is greatness.  Come to think of it, we all would like people to be kind to us. Today, let kindness be written all over your thoughts, words and actions, in fact your person. Let generosity become your trademark. The world will become a better place with you and I showing generosity.

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