A Taste of HONEY – 18+

His eyes trailed her. From the buffet table where she got the small chops to the the drinks corner where a glass of white wine was placed in her willing hands. She was happy; chatting merrily with her friends and didn’t seem to have a single care in the world. She was boisterous and had the most infectious personality he’d ever seen a woman possess. And he loved it. He was somewhat glad he’d told his fiancée that this was a purely official gathering. He wouldn’t have had the freedom to gawp openly and lustfully at another woman… But gawp, he did; and he was enjoying it immensely. She turned often, laughing easily with those around her. She looked really happy and at peace. He wondered how she’d look if she were angry… or turned on.

He inhaled deeply.

His eyes strayed to her breasts. In person, they didn’t appear so huge. He couldn’t remember how many times he’d gazed at her photos; wondering if her nipples were the small and pert ones or if they were fat little nobs. Whichever the case, he wanted to close his mouth over them and tug. Feeling stirrings inside his trousers, he tried to shift his thoughts to the other guests at the party. Looking around at his colleagues, he smiled knowingly. Most of them were slushing down booze without restraint. He caught Simi’s eye and chuckled as she threw him an exaggerated wink. She was adorable and LowKey in love with him. He knew it but didn’t encourage her. He liked her, but not enough to fuck her. He didn’t want to deal with emotional baggage and sadly, that’s what most of his female colleagues were… walking, talking, emotional messes. He turned to look at Okey who was guffawing merrily but still kept an eye out for jiggling buttocks that swayed past on the occasion. Okey was an ass-man. He didn’t care if a girl was ugly. If she had an ass, she was beautiful in his book.

He chuckled, shook his head and sipped his drink.

Hey Kachi… Have I introduced you to Honey?” Nanya asked him with a bright smile.

His heart stopped beating abruptly as he stared into Hazel eyes. Up close, she was pretty, in a girlie way. He scanned her face for the vixen who’s photos were a regular on blogs but all he saw was a pretty, fresh-faced, woman with a shy smile and Hazel eyes. Out of courtesy, he refused to look at her breasts.

No you haven’t…” He said calmly, surprising himself.

Well… this is Honey… She’s an actress and owner of Honey-Vlog… You know about it na…” Nanya said then turned to Honey with a smile. “Don’t mind him o… He’s one of your biggest fans and he stalks you like mad, don’t you Kachi?

He smiled but didn’t respond. Instead, he watched her covertly, noting how she looked him up and down… letting her eyes linger a little longer on his crotch before resting squarely on his face. Her smile came slowly.

Nanya tells me you’re an actor…” She said. Her voice was a little husky.

Yes ma’am. I’m a struggling actor.” He replied.

Yeah right! Struggling my fat ass! Kachi is a fast rising actor on his way to international stardom o…” Nanya told her with a smile.

The introductions and small talk did not help his situation. Seeing her up close, he wanted to touch her. The urge was strong and frightening and he couldn’t wade it off. Honey leaned and whispered something into Nanya’s ear. The other girl giggled and shook her head and Kachi wondered if it had anything to do with him.

Is my zipper down? Do I have something in my teeth? What are you ladies whispering about?” He asked in mock curiosity.

Not all women talk about you, you know. You think everyone is charmed by your mischievous smile, twinkling eyes and gorimakpa head?” Nanya told him with a playful side-eye.

Hey! Don’t diss the head… Some of us love baldies…” Honey said.

You see? She likes my head and she’s a celebrity o…” He said triumphantly.

They chuckled at his statement. Then Honey whispered again. This time, Nanya turned to look around.

Seriously, what are you ladies on about?” His curiosity was really piqued.

I’m trying to convince her to follow me to another party” Honey said.

Why? Aren’t you having fun here?” He asked in a puzzled tone

I am… But…” Honey shrugged and giggled in embarrassment.

But what?

See this guy o. You want to kill her with a million questions? She’s not having fun here.. There’s booze, food and good music but no men.” Nanya said.

Kachi looked around, puzzled.

So all these ones here are not men?” he asked.

Most of these guys are industry guys nah, and everyone knows guys in the industry have loose lips.” Honey said.

What if we get drunk and need a little company? We’ll now pick somebody from here and the next day the gist will be on Stella Dimoko’s Blog… abeg o.” Nanya said sarcastically

I’m still an upcoming actress. I can’t afford plenty scandal at this point please.” Honey concluded.

Kachi gave her a pointed look; his eyes spoke volumes.

Am I not a guy? I can be great company and I’m super coded. Nanya can vouch for me,” He said with a broad smile. Nanya scoffed and shook her head in mock pity.

Please… Go and sit down jare. When we talk about guys, we’re not talking about married men. We’re talking about single guys. Abeg, Honey, let’s go joor. Let me quickly tell Simi that I’m off before we leave.

Kachi watched the ladies walk away, his heart sinking. He had daydreamed of Honey, imagining what their first meeting would be like and how the daydream always ended with them in bed, fucking. Honey turned back, smiled and gave him an apologetic shrug. In that brief moment, a glimmer of hope flashed before him. He quickly mouthed the words “I need to talk to you… Please,” and was happy when she mouthed “Ok,” back at him. He watched them stop by a group of his colleagues and made his move. He walked towards the door of the small hall where the party was being held. As he pushed it open, he turned to look at Honey. He was pleased to see that she was a looking at him. With an encouraging smile, he exit the hall.

At the hotel lobby, he waited and contemplated rushing to the counter to hurriedly pay for a room, but hesitated. What if he paid and she wasn’t down with hanging with him? The money would go to waste and Hotel Continental wasn’t a cheap hotel. He still couldn’t understand his fiery attraction to Honey; he’d been with countless women… most of them more beautiful than she was… heck, his wife was more beautiful than Honey. But there was something about her that made him think of sex. Since she arrived the party a little over an hour ago, every other woman paled in his eyes. All he thought about was Honey… Her smile, her laughter, her breasts and images of what she would look like in bed. He heard a door open and turned to look. Honey stepped out, walked past him and went into the elevator. Confused, he watched the elevator door close and wondered if she’d meant for him to join her. He watched the elevator numbers to know what floor she was going to get off.

5th floor” he muttered and pressed on the elevator button. As he made his way up, he was suddenly unsure what to expect and as soon as the doors slid open and he saw her standing by the corner, he couldn’t help but smile.

I have a room here… I assumed the party would be a blast and seeing as I live on the mainland, I didn’t want to drive back home, drunk, so I got a room. Sadly, the party lacks that extra oomph!” She said with a shrug and a smile.

Well, what can I say? I’m sure bloggers would disagree with you when they put it up on their blogs tomorrow.” He said.

One man’s fun is Honey’s yawn-fest…oh-well, what did you want to talk about?

Are we gonna talk here?” He asked incredulously.

If its talk, we can do it here… If its something else, we could go in my room… Briefly” she said with a mischievous smile.

Define ‘something else’ for me…” His eyes twinkled.

She chuckled and led the way to her room. He waited patiently as she swiped her key-card to open the door… his outward appearance looking calm… but inside, his heart was skipping joyfully. They entered the room and she shut the door behind them. An awkward silence settled between them making her clear her throat.

So… What did you want to talk about?” She asked again, her voice sounding hoarse in her own ear.

I don’t know… I seem to have forgotten…” He said as he took a few steps towards her.

Standing close, she could feel his body heat and smell his cologne. She looked up at him, her eyes feasting on his full lips.

This your lips sha… Hmmm….” She said softly.

You want to taste them?” He asked her.

His eyes had darkened and she felt his breath fan her face. Honey’s slow smile was all the response he needed. Kachi kissed her. She expected the kiss to be fevered, harried and needy but it wasn’t. He kissed her with the tenderness of a sure lover, his tongue slipping in between her mouth in a possessive but tender manner, his hand pulling her into a crushing but exciting embrace. Honey sighed in his mouth, losing herself in his kiss and pressing herself into him till she felt his bulge. Heat coursed through her at the thought of what lay beneath his pants. Breaking apart for air, she stared into his eyes, breathing hard, her breast rising and falling rapidly. His hand closed over one mound… squeezing it tenderly while rubbing his thumb on the peaked nipple. Honey’s breath caught in a gasp at the sensation that was spreading like fire within her.

Touch me honey…. Touch my cock… Hold it… Feel it throb” he muttered hoarsely.

Honey’s hand reached down and cupped his bulge. She felt his cock pulsate and squeezed it softly. Kachi sucked in his breath and reached to unzip his pants… Allowing his turgid cock free. Honey’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. His, was one of the most beautiful penis she’d ever seen. It looked fresh, strong and healthy. Her mouth itched to taste it. Holding his other hand, she led him to the bed and sat on the edge, pulling him in front of her till his exposed cock stared her in the face. Grabbing his buttocks, she pulled him close, taking him in her mouth slowly. She felt his buttock clench in her palms as her mouth closed over his cock. Her tongue twirled… around his ‘cap’, ran down the length of his cock and traced the major vein under his penis. Kachi grabbed her hair and navigated her. He pulled her head back till his cock was almost out of her mouth, then pushed it back in… deeper. Honey slathered his cock with spit and sucked it tirelessly, enjoying every moment of the oral action. She tasted salt and heard him groan and knew he was going to cum. She wanted him to cum in her mouth but he didn’t want to… not yet. So he pulled out and began to undress, his narrowed eyes never leaving her. Honey did the same. When they were both stark naked, she looked up her him, standing there, tall, fit and ready to penetrate. From the rise and fall of his chest, she could tell he couldn’t wait.

I want to eat you Honey… I want to eat you till you cum…” He said.

Honey pushed further into the bed and spread her legs wide apart. She was grateful for her barely one week-old waxing. It was her first waxing attempt and though she had bruises that took a few days to heal, she was happy with the result. Her pussy was gloriously hair-free, soft and looked supple. She’d spent days gazing at it proudly with a mirror and she hoped Kachi would appreciate its beauty. He apparently did because he lay between her thighs, parted her soft pussy lips and tickled her clit with his tongue. Gasping at the impact of his tongue, Honey reached for her breasts and squeezed it. Leaving her clit, he kissed her pussy tenderly, making sure her labia majora and minora got enough love. His tongue tasted her juice, her salty, slimy essence and he sucked on it gleefully. Honey’s scream of pleasure was expected. Her hand reached to touch his bald head, rubbing the smooth skin over and over in frantic sexual pleasure and lifting her hip up when his tongue dug into her. She was on the verge of orgasm and her whimper increased.

Oh… Oooohhhh… I’m going to cum…. Ohhhhh…” She moaned.

He fastened his mouth over her pussy, not giving her a chance to escape as his tongue took turns tickling her clit and delving into her. Her release spilled over his tongue and he had to hold her legs firm to control her orgasmic spasm while he drank her in. Getting up briefly to wear protection, he returned to her, lifted one leg to place on his should and entered her with one thrust. She was wet enough to allow him glide in. Honey’s moan rang out again. Steadying himself for action, he began to fuck her… slowly at first… using her moans to determine the pace of his thrust. The louder her moan, the faster he thrust till she began to gasp… then he slowed the pace, going in slowly and pulling out, leaving just the tip of his dick inside of her. Honey clawed at him; his slow thrust almost making her scream out in frustration.

Talk dirty to me boo… Tell me how you want me to fuck you.” He growled.

Fuck me hard… Fuck me hard… Fuck me…. Aaaaaahhhhh….

His thrusts went in so deep she screamed out in initial pain and tried to push away. But he wouldn’t budge. He covered her mouth in a kiss, silencing her screams and fucking her till he felt her shaking underneath him and breathing hard.

Aaaah-Aaaah-Aaaah….. I’m cumming… I’m cumming… Gawd I’m cumming…

Her words sounded like she was crying and strangely it drove him to the brink. Ramming into her a few more times, he gave her one final thrust, squeezed his buttocks, pressed in and shot his spunk, groaning with the effort and emotion and fell on top of her… His full weight pressing her down as he tried to calm himself. Honey was still under him, trying to get over her orgasmic spasms. Rolling off her, he pulled her into his arms for a cuddle while they lay together.

Kachi smiled at what just happened between them. He’d had better sex with other ladies but there was just something about Honey that made this particular sex special. He knew after today, she would probably avoid him or stay aloof. The thought bothered him a little but he had a remedy for that. Lying on that hotel bed with Honey in his arms, he resolved to fuck her in every way possible that night and make sure she never forgets him. He’d had a taste of Honey and he knew he would crave more… The onus fell on him to give Honey a taste of Kachi.

He was dead set on doing that… right after they’d rested. He turned to smile at her and saw her staring at him with darkened eyes. His cock began to spring to life again, nodding lazily.

Hey Kachi… Don’t go and collapse on top of Honey o. If you do, Bloggers will hammer on top of your head!” Were his thoughts as he kissed her again.

THE END!!!!!

Written by Dame  Twitter – @Dame_caucus



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  1. Seems very nice and fun to read. I will digest it better when am laid on my bed tonight. Stories like this are better read in bed after a cold bath. Lol

  2. My 1st time on here but read 2 write ups same day and must confess that the stories afe very hot. I kind of like that boss own than this tho. Anyways, two hands in the air to you. God bless keep it up

  3. Your stories are captivating once You start reading You never wants to stop. When I read it is as if the characters are acting it out in my presence.

  4. Elsie ma’am,pls is dere no more updates on the house? Awaiting the next episode pls.. . That story is the bomb!

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