MY POET FRIEND by Folarin DurodolaEncomiums for the great writerHis beautiful ink paints the picture brighterWhen he writes I can’t do betterRespect I shall have for him forever His secrets I can’t detectNo matter how much I reflectHis grace with words I can recollectHis beautiful mind may God protect A friend from way backIn my life he made a markHis closeness now I lackYellow-skinned so discernible in the dark Head boy then in schoolHis eloquence his great toolWhen he speaks his words form a poolListeners swim along – Oh he speaks so cool Of determination he’s an epitomeOf valour he drives the point homeSo beautiful in the sun is his chromeTo the hair of diligence he’s the comb I duff my hat for the poetI’m willing to learn if you letI promise the lessons I won’t forgetTo teach one like me you won’t regret

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