Divine Creation

Divine Creation - elsieisy blog

By Irsa Ruçi

The most beautiful creature born from the humanis the smilethe form of goodness – travelers with dreams weightto endless trails.We are mouth-word, honey-mouthbreast’s milkdropping from the skytowards eternity of happiness’s powerThere are several types of smiles, a few:The sunny ones – where the sun never sets,the sweet ones – word beads derived from the soul,the playful ones – until seduction of secretsand finally there arethe bewailing onesthe smiles for lifethose who laugh even with tearsbeautifully carvedin the eyes of hopethe love-filled hearts;are the most radiant smilesthat neither the storms could overcome them!© Irsa Ruçi (Translated by Stela Xega)

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  1. I am giving you my smile, I want you to take it with you. This is just raw, too raw, too much beauty.

    1. Thank you very much Obinna Omotayo Jones. I really appreciate your kind words 🙂

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