Am I Not Nigerian?

Am i not Nigerian? Happy independence day Nigeria

I Am Nigerian.I scream in jubilation when the electricity is back onAnd run out to put on the generator when NEPA fucks up.I Am Nigerian.I worry about the traffic from home to workAnd from work homeYet, I still leave the office late to impress that bossMaybe get a higher wage.I Am Nigerian.Super Eagles remain my favorite teamAnd I rejoice with other Nigerians when we score a goal.In that moment, unity is true.Am I Not Nigerian?When I notice a fellow Nigerian in HeathrowAnd we share a look of understanding and smile.Am I Not Nigerian?When I run out early to queue for fuel at the local filling stationWith two yellow gallons, just in case there’s no fuel after today.Am I Not Nigerian?When I support my government in implementing beneficial policiesAnd stand by my nation, forgetting our poor economy.Of course, I Am Nigerian.I embrace the smell of the gutters and dirt in trafficAnd scream at the other bus driver for hitting the bus I had boarded.Of course, I Am Nigerian.When I cry for the girls who were abductedNot because I knew themBut because they are part of my Nigeria.Yes, Nigeria Is Mine.That is why I embrace herRegardless of her flaws.Like a run-away bride returningLike disobedient kids apologizing.Yes, Nigeria Is Mine.Despite her economic breakdownAnd chaotic society.Despite her crew of bad leaders.I Am Nigerian.I will embrace this nationThis love of mineAnd will nurture it as I canUntil it becomes the giant it should be.I Am Nigerian.Because Nigeria chose meEven when I was but a wee one.

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  1. Is very nice. But I don’t trust our leaders. It gives me cold blood supporting Nigeria

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