My mother and I are pregnant.


Elsie please Kindly share this with your readers. My name is _____________ but I would love to remain anonymous. I am first of two children. I got married when i was 22 years old and my brother was 15. I got pregnant a month after my wedding, glory to God. The problem I have is that my mom is still young, she got married early and still fertile. She found out she was pregnant a month after i took in. I know my mom had always wanted another baby, so i was happy for her. But now i really don’t know how i feel about it all. We are 6/7 months gone. She comes to my house with the big stomach and when we walk on the streets i don’t know. I think i am very shy around her. The way i feel is it normal and what advice can you give? My husband has not said anything about this yet. He remains quiet.

Dear readers, Please help advice her. Thank you.


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  1. Seriously if her mum is still in her child bearing years, why should it be a problem for’s not like the mum is pregnant for her husband..she should mind her own tommy and leave her mum to her own jare..

  2. What’s your business?What other advice do you want from us?You can’t make her unpregnant and u can’t abort for her.Worse case scenario una 2 go do omugwo together. Or your mother inlaw does the omugwo for u.

  3. What are u tryin to say dat ur mum shouldnt be pregnant because u are?U hv ur own life she has hers girl.liv ur life life nd let her live hers.

  4. There Is nothing wrong if ur mom is pregnant at thesame time ,is a blessing .just be happy a lot of women look forward to have it

  5. Let yr mum be. There isnt anything wrong with it, just that we must always talk, even if she isnt preggy, we will still talk about how she lives her life. Just think of the fact that yr child would have an uncle/aunt his or her age and they would grow up together. But pls make sure s/he calls him/her uncle/aunty. Lol

  6. You are a very mean lady, what should have been your joy is now what you worry upon. Is your Dad not responsible for your Mum’s pregnancy or what? Let the old woman be and if you are ashamed of her for this you better not let her know.

  7. Hi, I understand how you feel, its sorta weird, but you should let it go and accept the way things are. people will always talk. You are shy cos u bother about what people will say. you have your life to live and for your mum coming to visit, it shows she cares. cos she def has pregnancy symptoms too. Be be happy and forget the rumours. The situation is not common here but its normal

  8. I still do not understand why there is an issue. so what if you are pregnant at the same time? shey both of you are pregnant for your husbands? it is ur mom that should feel awkward sef, not you. oh well……it is kinda funny that you child and your sibling will be age mates sha. it has happened and it is a thing of joy…….live with it jare

  9. Sweetheart, this should not be a problem at all. you’re preggy for your hubby, and she is for hers too. The timing is purely coincidental, and you both should be happy. Not as if she’s responsible for your upkeep as it is, or you for hers; and you’re worried about financial issues. It just means your sibling and your offspring will be age-mates. It should be fun watching both of them grow. Come on…. Live the adventure.

  10. Lol! Shy khe. Its obvious that she is young and your father is responsible for that and why should your husband have a say over it. Its nothing to worry about and you are great. Come on, its awesome. Lemme chip in, my grand ma paternal, gave birth to her 2last kid after her first n second born already have children and my grandpa gave birth to his last born after her second daughter gave birth to her last born. So, what’s the pain? Abegi let maleh be o.

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