Thank you!

Dear Elsians, Thank you - elsieisy blog

2016 is almost done and I enjoyed every minute spent on this blog.

Thank you for visiting the blog, reading, sharing, and dropping a comment, for the emails and for believing in this brand.

Special shout out to all the contributors on ELSiEiSY. Thank you for volunteering your time, effort and works to the awesome readers on this platform. Without your contributions, the fun will not be complete.

Thanks to every writer/blogger who sent in articles for the 3rd edition of blog festival. You all make it worth our time yearly.

For every article that has been rejected or sent back to be reviewed, I appreciate you guys.

It’s important to note that this platform – ELSiEiSY, though paying attention to well written and edited works, it is here to encourage upcoming writers too. We are always here to work with you through your growth.

Next year will be different, daring and much more interesting. All series resume second week of January 2017 and get ready to have more relationship articles, opinions and daring observation from myself and every other awesome contributors. You can be part of this by clicking here.

Editing and uploading works on here can sometimes get overwhelming especially when I have radio programs to produce and other projects to handle, but knowing you are here to read, gives me the strength to keep it all together.

Thank you once again.

See you Jan 9

Happy New Year in Advance

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  1. Thank you as well! I appreciate all the hard work you have put into your blog to keep your readers coming back.Although I don’t come thru as much as I should I always enjoy the content I do read. I want to take this time out to wish you a happy new year and big blessings are on there way in 2017.Ps. Don’t forget about your international viewers in 2017 ?. especially me # dabossladi

    1. Thank you Boss Ladi, you are such a sweetheart.\n\nOf course i cannot forget you. I hope to see you soon.

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