My Fiance refuse to believe me, what do I do?

I am counting on you reading this not to let me let this lady down. She is counting on me and I am counting on you. That’s how the world go round. Simply share your opinion/advice using the comment box below. Thank you. Please be blunt, critical but nice.

“Good day. Please am *****. Am having a relationship problem and I count on you for the best solution.

I have a fiance called Johnson, we have been dating for the past three to four years now… We both loved each other, share idea, infact everything together  and by that, our relationship bond get stronger.Three months back, I met a guy on Facebook. He is known as Tolu. He said he would love to know more about me and I am the type of person who love socializing, so I told him lot about myself.Within time I turn out to be Tolu’s best friend to the extent that he calls me every day. Sometimes if I visit Johnson (my fiancé), he will call me to ask when I am going to leave Johnson’s place and when am I going to get home.The question really got Johnson angry because my phone was on loud speaker and he asked me “is there anything between you and this guy” which I replied “NO” but still he didn’t believe me…He’s no longer picking my calls nor replying my text… I beg him with everything, even to the extent I swear with my grandfathers’ grave. But still, he refused. All my friends and his own friend had been begging him but it all prove abortive. He keep saying “I am lying”And remember I have never seen Tolu face to face before. He is just my Facebook and whatsapp friend.Am really tired but I can’t let go. I don’t know the reason why love hurt this much.I don’t know if falling in love is a crime.Am really losing it all. But I have faith and that strong believe in elsieisy.Thanks. Awaiting your positive reply”

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  1. Well all am gonna tell you ***** is move d fuck on wen life gives you one reason to cry show life u got millions of reason to laff he prolly angry of which i dnt blame him but you hmmmm you kinda let ur guards down u invited d demon to dine wiv ya if u gonna feed it do and be done wiv it and if ur not tell it to fuck off get a chance to talk face to face wiv ur man *johnson* try make him understand u as a social animal dt needs to be tamed if he is up to it fine lucky u and if he wanna break-up great move onto d next one life is in stages and babes plss be sure if he 4gives u he must 4get it eva apnd elssss hmmmm dts enof bad luck on its own coz a broken relationship is beta dan a broken home…..Love is WICKED

  2. Hmmmmmmm…….dis ur so called ‘best friend’ Biko wats his intention in ur life! if he knows you are wit ur fiance wats his biz with wen u r goin home or comin bac? And wen u started dis ur online bestfriending did your fiance know about him from the beginning? Guys are vry protective of their properties and they will not want just any nigga out dere to come and take all he has worked for!his ego is at stake and he will not stay and watch sum1else command and control his girl. I can’t blame him for his reactions cos u are suddenly sharing a part of your life and secrets wit ur new so called bestfriend! Your fiance shld be your only bestfriend. Noone else shld take dat position and if dere is den dat person shld be ready to bear the pain wit you. Nd even if u want to ‘cheat'(I didn’t say you are ooooo) Biko do it wit sense! Don’t lose ur pearl for the diamond dat u know not wat it looks like! Beta stay off that facebook bestie and face your future! I’m female incase you are wondering but I’veexperienced toomuch to allow you lose wats important to u! Play safe and be wise!

  3. Hello young lady, would advise you to BREAK or limit your relationship with Tolu if you really love your man johnson. I see Tolu as a man that just want to get between your legs, reason been I see no guy in his right senses and actually want the best for you to place a call even when you are with your Man…. He has actually toyed with your brain for you not to have quickly noticed that. Trust me Tolu is a scammer…. Just try and keep on begging Johnson.

  4. Johnson just found the perfect time and reason to dump u at the same time, making it look like ur fault.

  5. Actions speak louder than voice.You say no but act yes.I know he doesn’t control your movement but some men do not like competition. You made him feel he is competing for your love, that’s the problem.He has given you space to find your facebook friend

  6. if u rily love Johnson, tell tolu u want to c im n wen he cums,take im to c Johnson. ..introduce Johnson to tolu as ‘my heart and my whole world’ and introduce tolu to Johnson as’my friend’……I tink dis shud clear all Johnson’s doubt

        1. First of all no man I repeat no man in this generation trust his GF/FIANCEE/WIFE with another man.Read the story again she said the Facebook friend called when she was with johnson and everything change. Right now tolu to johnson is a threat/ enemy.Now you advising tolu meeting johnson which might make things worse because we don’t really know johnson’s mind.As a social psychologist I reckon is either johnson is looking for a way out before using this incident as an excuse OR he is threatened by tolu being close to his fiancee.Either way TOLU is the problem in this situation.

  7. I think its better to stick with the guy that has seen you…walked with you and played with you…rather than that Tolu…who you’ve not had contact with…because he can turn out to be a wolf

    1. Oh really cuz Johnson is being territorial now means he doesn’t value her. Well if he didn’t then tolu won’t pose a threat cuz men aren’t threatened when they don’t care

  8. Well Your new bestie is only interested in getting between your legs by breaking your relationship and being your emotional support rock. If you love your relationship with Johnson then you have only one option cut off tolu and limit your social life Or better still be open in your communication with your partner. I’m a guy and men are very territorial in their relationships

  9. I’m sorry you got in this mess, I’m sure from your angle your friendship with tolu is platonic, but your fiance is threatened by it. Try and explain to him that you won’t have put the call on speaker if you had anything to hide. And that trust is part of love and that you trusted him that’s why you were free with him and so he should trust you and believe nothing is going on with you and tolu, then reduce d closeness with tolu

  10. Mayb Johnson is scared of karma.. Buh surely I doubt if he means harm.. He’ll Jst rather let u go dan b hurt by d tot of wat myt happen wen u and Tolu finally meet.. Mayb he isn’t seein today.. Mayb he’s seein d future cos d fact is wit dis ur new found, buddin and growing friendship, u guys will finally meet one day and as a guy, Johnson and a whole lotta guys reading this now knows Wat can happen.. So y wait til den for ur apology dat it’s d devil’s work wen he can help both u and d devil save d stress..Wat u gotta do has been said by anonymous- nov28: 4:43pm.. Dose blaming Johnson, put urself in his shoe.. Even if he wanted out, she gave him an opening.. And if he did, he wouldn’t b worried, trust me, he would instead b monitoring, encouraging her to meet and b looking foward to her infidelity.. Buh here he’s just angry.. So babe, he only feels hurt and betrayed.. U naw AV another person I share ur day wit on a constant basis and as a woman it’s only natural for u ova tym to develop deep feelings of care n affection towards Tolu.. We been der, we don dat darling.. Like someone said dnt lose way u AV for Wat u dnt kno.. Mayb it’s even Johnson fault for not giving u enough tym to listen to how ur day went like he used to wen u started dating.. Mayb he’s gotten sloppy.. Mayb work stress is overshadowing u, trust me, u r gonna AV a million and one xcuses to always wanna cry or lean on someone else’s shoulder.. Buh if luv is to work, no matter Wu else wants to b der for u, dey gotta kno dat Dah job is for ur spouse (and pls dis applies to we guys as well)..I may not AV made a lotta sense cos I Jst wrote this the way I feel and it myt not help, Buh pick d bits n pieces dats urs, use it; I pray for renewed luv btw u and Johnson and remember let Tolu find someone else Wu he can make his bestie and fiancée Buh definitely not u..

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