Just because she sent her NUDE?


Dear Elsians,This happened to me and I want to know if it is the new trend and if it is the right way to do things.

I met a lady a while ago via bbm connection (a friend of mine gave her my bb pin), we got chatting and in less than two days she gave me a bill of 250k-300k (Two hundred and fifty thousand naira to three hundred thousand naira) for her birthday. She said the money is to take her and her friends out, buy her gifts and all that. I told her that there is no problem since the birthday was still a month away.

Two days after that the same girl complained about her phone. After the complaint, she said she needs a new phone, as a matter of fact, a Samsung s4. I asked her how much and she said 84k (Eighty Four Thousand Naira.). During this very conversation,  she told me that I should please send her airtime, She was very specific o:  MTN 1,500. I then said okay and in my mind I was wondering whether she be Boko haram. I actually didn’t send the card and she called me later that evening and started raking for me. I tried to explain that I was busy and all but she ended the call on me. I still managed to be a gentle man and call back but she didn’t pick. After a while, she started calling me and I didn’t pick. Next thing, she sent me voice notes stating how angry she was and even said that if I pick her calls sef , “I be bastard”.

The funniest part of this story is that I had never seen this girl, neither has she seen me before. Someone gave her my pin and she was acting like something else. Although she already sent me her nude. Our mutual friend told her that I can die on top of her boobs and that was why she collected my pin.

Then the amazing part of this story is that this girl claims to be Miss Independent o. she says she is a business woman. She is 29 and not married. I am also Bachelor.Just thought to share this experience because i cant help but wonder if this is the new man to woman relationship?  If I wanted to be wicked I will just share her nudes just to teach her a lesson but i want to ask you, is this how to start a relationship? even if you don’t know what sort of relationship it will turn to. i want to know.

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  1. Miss independent my balls!Abeeeegi, she’s a straight up working class(runs) lady.Nudes in just 2days,250’k + 80’k bill and the r.card thing again?Them tell am say na u go become Sanusi successor?That’s madness. No independent chic would ask 4 all these when she hasn’t even met you. I can say 4 sure, there re still girls out there who care about their respect n dignity. This one’s a straight up whore joor, so she’s d one who even sent d request n started billing u like cashier. Most girls would prefer it d other way around,give ur friend her pin n have u add her. Give her space meehn,except u wan buy market. One advice tho, delete her nudes,don’t make dt mistake and put her out publicly like dt,u can never take it back. No girl deserves dt

  2. I can’t help but laugh.. She’s one of those gals that would go to any length to make money… Abegi!!!!! Free her matter… She doesn’t have the moral values a woman ought to have….

  3. Lolling like shit… Her colleagues her everywhere on the internet and social media space, the nude na bobo, if you like, project it in the sky, it doesn’t discourage her…she’s a run geh… that’s what they does for a living and that’s her definition of independence. Don’t worry man, the next minute she will calm down and ask to see you, then ask you how much she will get for the visit… There is absolute wisdom in deleting her from your list as well as the so called nude that keeps you fantasizing because the way you sound here ehn! you might be compelled to do a test and do one of the things she listed just to get her reaction, that’s the end for you ooo… And you need to check out that her friend that introduced you to her.. He’s either a pimp or probably her independent colleague/agent if it’s a she.

  4. Jesus, I wan die. In 2014 shouldn’t women be the ones taking us out and spoiling us. Least they can do after so many years of draining our pockets lol. If a babe ask for credit, run!

  5. I can’t blame the lady for almost killing you with her problems, afterall, you had an idea of the kind of person she was before adding her to ur BBM list. If you want decent ladies, you know where and how to get them. If you are looking for ladies that will send you nudes, that is what you get. Okbye.

  6. Amazing. I honestly am finding it hard to believe that a lady can act like what I just read. She gave you a bill for her birthday? Why didnt you ask her to send the bill to her father? You too were feeling like one big boy abi? When someone gives you a bill of up to 300k for celebrating her birthday, aren’t you meant to see that she is a big ass joker? What sort of akpa behavior is that? Then she had the guts to complain when your mother’s prayers started working on your head ba? Some girls are just pathetic, honestly. I am a girl yea, but I would never begin any kind of relationship (with either male or female persons) by requesting for shit my folks can’t give me on a good day. Besides, a lady should pride herself in being able to hold her head up high, without being seen as a “beggy beggy”. Work and take care of yourself, don’t drain a guy because he looked your way. It is only okay for a guy to spend so much on a girl if its his call and if he is serious about her and their future together; even at that, she ought to advice him on the need to be prudent with resources. I am tired of all these hungry chicken head girls always giving Ladies a bad name. Stop that shit. As for you, oga letter writer, na God save you…..who knows, she probably used jazz to talk to you the first time, and by a stroke of luck you didn’t fall too hard. You for don become person maga.

  7. To whom brain is given,wisdom is expected, to whom NuDes are given, monetary paper is expected. Every gal in Lag is an event planner incase u don’t know

  8. If u are deceived by Nudes ……U will definately pay well well ……Chai na wa Ooooo wonders shall never end ! Maybe the guy na big boi n ready to pay for any nudes he sees ! Dat one sef good……It better u run away from this akoba nudes…. #wiseup

  9. Sharing her nude would be stupid as well as immature. In fact, sharing this story sef is somehow. We all know wah goes on in *most* of the “social media relationships” – mark most. So, it shouldn’t have been a surprise how she acted. However, at least the story is out here and I am sure there will be enough of that still going on and around after u.Peace and Out.

  10. She’s not the one on the nude pic, there are so many random nude pics on the Internet. So many on twitter! So she just picked up a nude pic to impress you!

  11. You guys have made a reasonable contribution because I love to read people’s opinion in situation like this. As a matter of fact count yourself(the guy) lucky bcos you haven’t fall into her trap, u got what u want–she has only being too fast in billing u even b4 u guys met if not the whole story will be different by now bcos their a lot of guys that have being magas to all this so called runs babe….Spreading her pics won’t solve any problem, just free her and be wise up

  12. You have never met her, and you think those are her real pictures she sent you?

  13. Anyway, am not surprised as regards why she aint married at 29. She might as well be single for the rest of her miserable life. The likes of her are on badoo. Independent woman indeed!!!

  14. Let’s rewind a bit — You collected her bbm pin on monday, and by wednesday she is demanding 250k for her birthday?- A few days later, she’s complaining about her phone and is demanding for an S4?- She calls you a bastard since you didn’t pick her call?All these from a lady you never met and set eyes on, all because she “sent” some Unclad photos which may not even be her?Guy, abeg no fall my hand biko.

  15. How much has this guy given to his parents and the needy and above all has ever paid tithes or offering to God

  16. Girls of nowadays na oshe dem be no wonder she is still unmarried till 29…guys are not smiling am also a bachelor just give me her pin and will pregnant her while i pay for the womb, she gives birth and disappear ASAP

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