A Dangerous Love Affair – 5

A dangerous love affair

“It’s a lovely day for a party babe, how many people are coming from your office again?” Hadija asked for the fourth time, revealing how nervous she was.

Oh, about fifteen or twenty, they should start arriving at any moment.” Emeka replied.

Today would mark the Christening of his little princess and he wanted it to go off without a hitch. A few minutes after he utters the words, he hears the first horn at his gate.

Hassan, see who is at the gate.” He calls down to his gateman.

Yes Oga.” The man replies as he runs to fulfill his orders.

As he opens the gate, a pale blue Mercedes G wagon zips inside, only one man would have the audacity to enter his compound like that. Emeka runs downstairs to greet his childhood friend Jonathan.

John, you old rascal, I thought you would be out of town.

John was a dark man with striking good looks, a wide powerful frame and a height that would intimidate lesser men. Emeka’s ace.

I couldn’t miss my niece’s christening now could I? I took the red eye from Accra to make it back in time.

Thanks man, it wouldn’t be the same without you, there is a young lady coming that I think you will like.

Oh really, you know John likes women too much.” Hadija interjected into their conversation as she hugged John.

Oh, there is the little princess, if only you knew how much your father talks about you.” John said to Phoebe as he snatched her from Hadija and cradled her in his arms.

Let’s get you settled in then, the boys have missed you.” Emeka said, draping his arm over the shoulders of his oldest and greatest friend.

Those boys, are they still tyrants?

Would you have them any other way?” Emeka quipped.

The guests started arriving quickly after that; the Vincent’s came at the same time but with four different cars. Chika came with two of her children and Michael came with his entire brood. The house was quickly filling up when Cassie arrived.

It was Emeka that answered the door for her.

Hey Cassie, welcome to my humble abode.” He said amicably as he took in the way the green sundress she wore complemented her skin; it had a way of making all of her assets move in just the right manner.

Thanks for having me Emeka.” She replied with a quick hug and a smile.

He led her into the house and found a drink for her while she chatted with his two boys animatedly.

Who is that? The lady is gorgeous.” His wife asked.

That is my finance chief that will soon fall for the charms of John.”

The way I see it, he has his work cut out for him.”

That has never stopped him before now has it?

Well no, I guess not. I’m going to go and talk to her.”

Play nice.” Emeka warned his mischievous wife.

Don’t I always?” She shot back over her shoulder.

Emeka went to track down his best friend and found him sitting with the Vincent’s telling one of his incredibly engaging stories. Emeka had to admit, his friend was a charming person when he wanted to be.

Emeka, I had no Idea that your friend John was so entertaining.” Mr. Vincent said

Yea, he has a way with words.” Emeka replied evasively.

I think he likes Naomi, he obviously has no idea that she will be the man in the relationship.” Walter said coyly.

If she would go out and make the money while I sit at home and watch the children then I have no problem with her being the man in the relationship.” John said coming to the rescue of Naomi and drawing peals of laughter from everyone gathered.

Do you all mind if I steal John for a moment?” Emeka asked.

Not at all.” The family replied together.

Emeka grabbed John and led him back into the house so that he could introduce him to Cassie.

Remember that lady I said I would introduce you to?

Yes, is she around now?

Yep, she is chatting with my wife over there.” He said pointing. “The one in the green dress, she is something right?

Yes she is, what are you waiting for? Introduce us already.” Jonathan replies, practically salivating.

Hello ladies, mind if I interject?” Emeka said cutting off their conversation. “Cassie, I need to steal my wife for a few moments but don’t be disappointed, I have brought someone to keep you company. Cassie, this is Jonathan Balogun; John, this is Cassie Petu. Now if you will excuse us my wife and I have guest to entertain.

Nicely played Mr. Jones.” His wife said playfully as they walked away hand in hand.

Thank you Mrs. Jones, how did you like her?”

She is intelligent and I can see that she has a stubborn streak.”

Better for john, maybe she will be the one to tame him, finally get him to settle down.”

Only time will tell.” Hadija said wistfully.

The party proceeded smoothly throughout the rest of the day and Cassie and John proved to be inseparable. Emeka caught himself staring at the new couple more than once throughout the day and his wife caught him staring as well. She wore a bewildered look on her face whenever she saw him staring in their general direction.

At long last, night had fallen, the children were sleepy, and it was time for the guests to go to their respective homes. Emeka, Hadija, and their beautiful children stood at the door of their house to see the guests off. They filed one by one with warm words and congratulations for their hosts.

This one will give you many sleepless nights in a few years.” Mr. Vincent said as he pinched Phoebe’s cheeks fondly.

There is still time yet.” Emeka shot back.

Thanks for a wonderful day Emeka, Mrs. Jones, and Pheobe.” Cassie called as she kissed the babies forehead and filed out.

Emeka, good looking out man, I’m about to go for a night cap.” He said conspiratorially.

It was Hadija who answered. “Go easy on the poor girl John, you only just met.”

Easy is for wimps, Carpe Diem baby.” John said playfully as he ducked through the door to catch up with Cassie.

The rest of the guests filed out with similar words and before long the house was empty. Emeka carried Phoebe upstairs and left his wife to wrestle with her tired sons. After the children had been put to bed, Hadija finally spoke up about what had been bothering her throughout the day.

Emeka, I don’t like the way you look at Cassie, there is lust in your eyes.”

Shit, have I been that obvious or has this woman grown more perceptive since having Phoebe? He thought in a panic.

What, that is nonsense, you are the only woman I have eyes for. Well, you and Phoebe.”

I’m serious Emeka, I know what I saw today, and I am worried because you all work so closely together.”

There is absolutely nothing for you to worry about, have I done or said anything that would make you doubt my fidelity?

No, but.”

I am yours and you are mine. There is nothing else to say on the matter.” Emeka said while drawing her close and kissing her deeply.

One more thing.” She said, pushing him away slightly.

What?” he said, raising one eyebrow.

I want to go back and practice law, remember you said that once we finished having children I could start working again.

You just had Phoebe, she is still breastfeeding for crying out loud.

I do not mean that I will start applying tomorrow but I want you to know that I am still serious about restarting my career.

I understand baby, just wait until Phoebe is a little older and we can work it out from there.

You promise?”

I thought that was why you even brought it up in the first place.”

I guess it is.” Hadija said with a chuckle.

“It’s been six weeks right?

Six weeks?

Yea, since you had Phoebe.”

Yea, what about it?

Daddy is hungry.” Emeka said, grabbing his wife around the waist.

Ahh.” She squealed playfully, trying to get away from his strong grip.

Nope, this beast must be fed.” Emeka said with lust in his eyes.

But Phoebe might wake up.”

Bah, I have never seen a baby that sleeps as deeply as her, come and give daddy his due.” Emeka said as he pulled her shirt over her head and planted sweet kisses all over her body.

She couldn’t resist for long and melted into his arms, ready to consummate their marriage one more time.

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