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Dear Elsians,I need serious help and I’m wondering if readers can help me. I’m not a bad girl, I’m just a good girl in a serious bad situation. I had this boyfriend when I was still in school. The first day we had sex was like I was being disvirgined all over again. He has a very very huge dick. When I first saw it I didn’t want to have anything to do with him cause the sight scared the heck out of me. But he kept on showing signs that he really loves me. So after six months I gave in.He was my second boyfriend. I was so in love that I thought he was the man of my dreams and after school we would get married. After school he broke up with me. I cried, I begged, I screamed, I cursed but it was futile.After two months my friend told me the best way of getting over a heartbreak was dating someone new. So I started dating another guy. I noticed something was wrong the first day we had sex. He wasn’t happy after the event. I asked him if anything was wrong but he said nothing. After then he never made a move on trying to make love with me again. He started avoiding me. I talked to my friend about it and she said maybe I’m rusty in the act and I should try some new moves on him. I called him, said I wanted us to see, did some seductive act and then we made love. I tried the styles I knew he would love.After the act I turned to see the expression on his face but it didn’t look like he had fun. I asked him what the problem was, wasn’t I good enough and what he said shocked me.He asked if I’ve given birth before. I stammered as I asked him why the question and he replied that my vagina was too big. I was so embarrassed. I wore my cloths and without saying a word I went over to my friends house and told her what he said. She tried consoling me by suggesting that maybe it was his manhood that was too small but I knew that wasn’t the case because he had the average size manhood. I don’t sleep around and have been with only two men all my life. So how come my vagina was already wide?Then I remembered my ex boyfriend and how huge he was also how demanding he was in bed. We made love every single day, sometimes thrice a day. Since I thought we would get married I didn’t mind. Now we are no longer together I’m the one paying the price.I told my friend this and she got me some soaps and cream to use while bathing. I tried this for one month and then I got a new boyfriend. We went through the usual courting and then when it was time to make love I was so confident. After the act the guy just stood up wore his cloths and with an unsatisfactory look on his face told me I was too wide. This time around I cried. Now I’m scared to date anyone. Please readers help me. What can I do to get my vagina back to how it was? What can I use to make it tight back? Please help me.

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  1. Lmao…..u need surgical help mehn…….or mayb ur nxt bf shld b dsame size as d previous monster u had,dat wld help u.

  2. Ha, haha this is serious issue. Nothing that any man kind do to it except God almighty inter vain, so you will need to seek God more and ask for forgiveness of your sins and take him as your personal lord and Savior am sure by the time you do this miracle will happen in your life exceedingly, grace and mercy then will follow when you ask God..This is a good topic and it serve as a lesson to all as well!

  3. Lmao…..u need surgical help mehn…….or mayb ur nxt bf shld b dsame size as d previous monster u had,dat wld help u.and stop sleepin wit all of dem ooo……it wil onli get wider..lol! But I tot it was supposed to b elastic…wat happnd to u?? Passed d elastic limit alredi…hehehehe!!!

  4. My dear, I feel for you. I perfectly understand how this must have crushed yourself esteem but if you really want me to be honest with you; you made a huge mistake. You don’t use sex as a benchmark for measuring how much a guy loves you. You don’t throw yourself around every guy either just to feel worthy. If I must advice you then I’d tell you to abstain from sex. Our organs “grow” and the vagina is some sensitive region…don’t bother about trying to “test” if its still wide or anything. And lest you forget; the “wideness” was someone’s opinion it was not like it was medically confirmed. The fact that two people were satisfied doesn’t mean you have a problem; what if it was a coincidence and the problem was actually from them? So go about living out your life and if you get another chance at love; grab it with both arms but NEVER use sex to measure thee worth of your relationship; actually a guy may never deem you fit for marriage if he sleeps with you at will…he won’t value you that was probably why the other guy broke up with you after school. That’s all I have to say. So in a nutshell; don’t worry about the diameter of your vagina…go about your normal life and if I were you, forget sex till probably marriage. I believe by then all will be fine ceteris paribus.

    1. I happen to love large oversized pussies. I love loose pussies. Embrace it and discover fisting and giant dildos. I would be overjoyed to experience a great wide loose pussy. I’m being serious. Start searching it up, you’ll find a whole world of people into loose pussy, stretching, fisting….you have a gift you just need to find the right person to share it with.

  5. Pele dear,I feel ur pain but pls don’t let any guy make u feel less & stop dis ur testing*testing game ur vagina is ur best asset & ur body God’s temple keep it well….don’t just give it to any guy in d name of luv….SEX isn’t food 4 luv. Ask God 4 his mercy& 4givness I trust HE will put everytin back to shape & when d right man comes he would Luv U.. SEX or no SEX!

  6. U̶̲̥̅̊ can’t kill Ūя̲̅ self bcos of tђã†̥. Someone can still ♡ U̶̲̥̅̊ okay. U̶̲̥̅̊ would get tђã†̥ guy who is gonna appreciate it if only U̶̲̥̅̊ tell him from the beggining. Dont be scared he,Fri, Jan 10, 2014 understand

  7. He should see a doctor. She could be sewn up..That’s what doctors do to women who just gave birth and who have a tear.

  8. Try Kegel exercise, it actually helps. Its eay to do, U exercise wiv ur urine flow, open shut, open shut. Squeeze and release, squeeze and release. It strengthens the vaginal wall. Stay away from sex for some time and u’ll see d result. It’ll be brand new

  9. Emmm… You should just pray to God ask him for a guy that’ll love you for who you are. Because true love doesn’t know wide or narow vagina, stinkin or odourles vagina. True love just enjoy you.

  10. By your statement,u seem a good girl but don’t use sex as a yardstick to measure your pussy diameter ever again infact abstain from it so u can grow tight again and go for who loves you for you not for sex…Those guys u picked were there for just sex…dats y they left immediately after they got what they wanted…if possible go see a doctor for professional help and engage in some other positive activity to take ur mind off it.U r special…Don’t let anyone make you feel and/or think otherwise

  11. Wow, I’m not surprised that you were in tears. I probably would have been as well in those circumstances. I have a friend that mentioned that her first time with a guy at age 18 was stressful as well because he asked her to squeeze because she wasn’t tight enough. She was emotionally crushed. My husband said I was fine before we had kids but after having two kids things changed. I’ve tried to work on my Kegels, but they don’t seem to do much but I know many people have good success with them. My husband bought some girth enhancers and they were nice actually but they took away most of the feeling for him. A friend recommended a vejuve which is kind of like a girth enhancer only it’s really nice for both of us. I insert this thing and it make me more snug for the guy and it makes sex feel even better for me. I do realize that you’ll probably have to be pretty open with a guy before you can start using one given that he might feel that he’s inadequate if you are inserting this thing before having sex. In my relationship, I am fortunate because we communicate really well.

    1. Thanks for your post jheavens. I read this a few months ago and bought that Vejuve enhancer that you referred to. It’s made a huge difference. I feel every thrust now and I love it. I’m pre-menopausal and I thought that I would have to live with less and less sensation down there. It’s all back now.

  12. As you mentioned, I also received a recent comment from a one-time fling saying that my vagina is too big. Although it didn’t bother me at that time, I’m not sure if it can cause future health concerns for my reproductive system. I think it would be better to consult an OB-GYN and see if getting the vaginal rejuvenation procedure would solve my problem.

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