5 Sex-themed Games you can play with your Partner

Nobody wants a boring relationship. Or do you? It is usually essential to be in a relationship with someone you can vibe with easily. You know it takes more than love to be in a relationship, right? You need to actually enjoy your relationship and create happy memories with your partner. An excellent way to create happy memories is to play games with your partner.

While there are different games you can play (from board games to dice and cards), this post focuses on sex-themed games you can play with your partner. However, it is not necessary to have sex after or while playing the games. The goal is to make your relationship as fun as possible. Some of the games can be played over the phone or at home.

So, do you want to enjoy your relationship and make it mutually fun? Here are 5 sex-themed games you can try:

Truth or Dare

This is common in many adult night parties. Basically, ask each other some sexually-inclined questions, or dare each other to do certain wild things. However, if you know that certain truth may hurt you or make you feel bad, it is advisable to avoid such truth. No matter what, never put your partner in an uncomfortable situation. The idea is to have fun, not to feel awkward. If you run out of ideas, there are apps and sites online that can guide you.

Never Have I Ever

The game is also typical at adult night parties. You may want to get a bottle of alcohol for this. Taking shots can be fun while playing. Basically, you take turns to say something you have never done before, and anyone who has done it drinks. The game may likely end with both of you drunk.

Guess the Body Part

As mentioned earlier, the good thing about some of these games is that you can play them online, not necessarily in the same setting. One of such games you can play online is the “Guess the Body Part” game. All you have to do is take and send a close-up picture of a body part, and let your partner guess which part it is. Ensure the part is not very obvious. You can use filters or cover a part with a large emoji to make it hard to guess right.

Sex-themed dice

I recently ordered one via Jumia. The one I ordered involves being asked to do certain things to your partner like kissing the neck, sucking the lips, and the likes. There is another one I should get soon, which features different sex positions. So, you do anything the dice suggest after rolling the dice. It is fun to play.

What Am I Wearing

This is another game you can play online. You can put on something sexy and message your partner to guess what you are putting on. You may provide hints. Or send a close up picture of the material. You can then send them a picture of you in it to show if they are right or wrong. Ensure the attire is as sexy as possible. Or it may be a prank and you are actually just naked and want to exchange nudes with your partner.

Thank you for reading. Do you have suggestions or comments? Kindly share them with me in the comment section. Have a beautiful sex life!

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