Everybody makes mistakes, it’s not the mistake that counts but how we try fix it. I’ve come to realize that until we acknowledge our mistakes, we will be unable to fix them.

For a long time I thought that a true Christian should be blameless but lately I’ve understood that there are two sides to it. So Job was blameless, it doesn’t mean he never made a mistake. Remember that every time we ask for forgiveness, our slates are wiped clean and it’s as though we’ve never sinned.

Let’s take David and Saul for instance, they both sinned, – David’s greater than Saul’s in the eyes of man. But David was forgiven and Saul was rejected. David was even tagged “A man after God’s heart”. Every time David realized his mistakes, he went before God and sought forgiveness but Saul preferred to cover his up by making excuses (flimsy ones if you ask me).

So yes, make your mistakes; it’s allowed. But rather than try to cover up or hide away from God like Adam and Eve or make excuses like Saul, or blame someone else like Adam, seek forgiveness from God like David.

Nothing is too great for God to forgive and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

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