Hey Monday! I am taking that huge step!

Elsie Godwin Elsieisy

Hello lovelies!

How energized were you this morning to face what the week has waiting for you?

I am excited and grateful. Feet cold but shaking it all off in the oven…LOL you wonder why I have the cold feet? You will get to find out soon but I am definitely making sure the cold feet doesn’t hold me back.

I am taking a very huge step in my blogging career. The type of step that involves me coming all out and handing myself to you on a platter of gold. I have been behind this device far too long. Counting from Elsieisy.wordpress.com days to Elsieisy.com….that’s almost 3years! It has grown from just me sharing my opinion and my 2kobo advice to those who were convinced by my funny topics or probably landed on this page somehow to something larger than I ever imagined.

Elsie Godwin
Me at Omenka Gallery

 Elsieisy.com is now a family, a platform for you and I. we share experiences, creativity, and lifestyle, help each other build our relationship, share each other’s pain and joy and laugh at the terrible jokes.

I won’t say Elsieisy.com is a dream come true, I would say it’s a dream orchestrated by God that I and everyone else on this platform has keyed into. I didn’t plan blogging, it just happened. I didn’t start blogging to make money, rather blogging for me was born out of a need to share my opinion on issues I had interest in which bothered my head. Blogging has gained me recognition, money, jobs and above all, I have met awesome people from this platform. People who shared a part of their life with me, a part I cherish and will never joke with.

Blogging was first a hobby before it became a business. However, it will always be a hobby for me.

I would love to hang out with you, yes you reading this and very soon. We will all have to make sacrifices for this to happen but it will surely happen. I am eager to meet you as you are to meet me and if you are in Lagos and its environs, then I am glad to say this meeting is happening sooner than you think.

We would gather to learn more on relationship, be motivated, experience some form of arts and I get to answer every question you might want to ask me as a person. I am excited and I sincerely hope you are too.

Today went down well, good news abound and this relationship has just begun.

To be part of the coming ‘hangout with Elsie and friends’, please do send a mail (elsieisy@gmail.com) like we always do or use the comment box.

I sure do want to know if you feel the same way I do.

Suggestions, advice, sponsors, goodwill and partnerships are very much welcomed.

Have a great week lovers!


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  1. No doubt a good one. Commendable at least. If I can mate it I would be there for sure…but being miles away and all…At least I wee meet my crushee

  2. Wow so we get to meet the lady behind the scences soon. That will be great especially with the fact that I am in Lagos for now. Thumbs up to you. Keep in touch

  3. The way some of your articles start though….suspense and drama pls go and start a movie. I am coming anyway..make sure there is amala and ewedu for your aunty to eat o. lmao.

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