How I overcome pains and the likes, YOU can too

There are times when everything around you suggests stagnancy or you seem to fail at everything at the moment. I won’t write out solution I have not tested and found to work or give some Bible verse to make you smile rather I will give you something practical – practical in the sense that I have tried it and it works for me. If this worked for me then probably it will work for you.

The walk with the lord is not an easy one. However, it’s filled with joy when you have tested and trusted your faith in the finished work of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Thereby granting peace of conscience. A kind of peace even money cannot buy. That kind of feeling that makes you unshakeable and smile even in the face of seeming danger.

I have come to believe that nothing happens for nothing and nothing happens by chance. Everything happens for a purpose. And I have come to the terms that God has orchestrated my life for the destiny he has made out for me. I do not walk alone, He leads me by hand. A thorough examination of how my life has been is a proof that God is still saying something in every situation. I am never quick to rejoice or to worry. I try as much as possible to examine it all in the light of God’s word.

When faced with tribulations, pains and trials, I have found it easy to endure and smile all the way by holding on to past testimonies. I mean, I have been through a lot, I have survived almost death situations thrice in my life and for God to spare my life then there must be a reason to it. Instead of worrying, I simply say a little prayer, reminding God He has to finish what he has started in my life. He is the Alpha and Omega and His words are forever Amen. I remind Him that which His words are – “he that puts his trust in the most high shall never be put to shame”.

Then I am enveloped with a kind of peace I know not where it appears from but I know it can only be from the most High.

Leave it for God, do not worry. Tell him how you feel, He listens and allow him finish the work he has started. He is a merciful and all-knowing God. Smile, Jesus loves you.

Have a blessed week.

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      1. Nice write-up Elsieisy…. I want to suggest you share the reference of that scriptural quote in the post.

  1. AMEN Amen ….. Oh god girl this was very touching and inspirational and I faced similar situation as you did… Every day I thank God for all he has done for me. Each day is a new testimony for me for just waking up. God takes us through situations to bring us out of it much stronger… I just said my prayers and I went on bbm and seen this and I smiled and thought God is soo good

  2. I love this. I’ve tried it and that’s what I use too. When I’m down, when d world seems to be closing in, when it seems there aint no hope and even when I’m heartbroken. Thanks for reminding be cos sometimes I forget

      1. Just out of curiosity, even though its a little digression; if I may, are you married?

  3. Hmm…his blessings are new every morning. I really understand you because I relate to this myself. Works every single time.

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