Mindset Is Everything

Mindset Is Everything

There is something I have noticed that limit our achievements and prevent us from living our dreams; we allow our MINDSET and thoughts to enslave us and hence, we live our fears.Often times we want to do something/carry out a task/perform a function…, even with all the necessary resources available, we still let our MINDSET deceive us. It makes us think: we’re ready not, we don’t have what/all it takes, we cannot excel where many others failed, we can do it no better, we’re incapable, we’re less-privileged and all that. It’s not as if we really can’t do those things; but we’ve allowed our MINDSET render us handicap. It has now become ahabit….Now know that MINDSET IS EVERYTHING; it is how You interpret what goes on in your life and how that interpretation affects You. It affects how You interact with your world and those in it. It affects how You feel and think and behave. It affects the outcome- the results you get in your life. All that You do comes from your mind.Train yourself to develop a positive and healthy MINDSET. Stay positive about everything. Clear your mind of can’t. You can be anyone or anything You want. You can achieve the impossible. Everything is possible; You can say to the mountain, “go and throw yourself into the sea” [if You don’t doubt in your mind but believe that whatever Yousay will happen], it sure will. My world has no end….Written by Eniola OpeOluwa Odunlami 

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  1. I agree that mindset is everything. You can imagine the number of dreams that have been shot down by the mindset. It’s the voice in the head telling us we can’t succeed with a project or something. We’ve got to shout it down and go ahead with our plans. That’s a powerful way of training the mindset to accept the new reality. That you’ll go ahead, regardless. Over time, you’ll be able to train your mindset to assist you with big projects. The mind counters your moves based on information stored by several years of programming. To get it to support your moves, just make new suggestions to the mind and carry through. This works, all the time.

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