How to Pull Yourself Together if Everything Went Wrong

How to Pull Yourself Together if Everything Went Wrong - elsieisy blog

by Andrew Guerra.

Life is not a bed of roses and everybody faces different challenges and obstacles. There are moments when nothing works, friends betray, your career is not successful, hobbies do not bring pleasure and the world loses its colors.

I’ve had such a moment in my life and I’ve realized that depression is a destructive condition. Surely, everybody at least once in life has experienced it, but not everyone has managed to pull through it. Personally, I fought my fears and have won.

So, are there any secrets, which help to feel better and not to spend days or even months in vain? Are there some traits of a human character, which help to survive the situation? The answer is yes and below I will highlight some of the valuable tips.

Consider them if you are at a crossroads and do not know what to do next.

Tips to Control Your Sadness

  • Be distracted

If you didn’t manage to get ahead of the game, don’t be sad! You just have to think in a different direction and try to distract from problems. You may watch a motivational film, or a funny TV program, or listen to the upbeat music.

  • Set clear goals

Set strategic targets and you will become more organized. Even if everything goes wrong, it does not mean that the black stripe will last forever. Try to divide the day planner into several parts.

The first one is the creative part, write down here your creative ideas. The second part will be about plans for the next week, e.g. to read a book, listen to the audio course, meet with a business partner, go to a museum, it can be anything you want.

The third part will be devoted to your leisure, here you can schedule meetings with friends, going to the cinema, theater, or a night club. The fourth part is about your long-term plans or even dreams. Remember, it all starts with a dream!

  • Be in motion

Be engaged in various activities and you won’t have time for melancholy. A great idea is to do what you have never done before. Find new hobbies, which are completely contrary to your way of life, they will help you see the world from another side.

For instance, attend dancing classes, start drawing, the art will normalize your emotional background. On top of that, do something extraordinary and a second wind will open.

  • Have faith in God and in yourself

Whatever happens, God does not give us trials that we cannot stand. Even if your life is broken, do not become cruel, you should always have kindness in your heart.

Deep thinking about the meaning of life and prayers will help you to find the necessary balance in life and harmony in the soul.

Besides, always believe in your might and that you are capable of everything. Remember that your failure was only one step towards the road to success.

  • Go out regularly

If you feel depressed, by no means stay in pajamas at home! If things did not work the way you wanted, then your self-esteem goes down, so you need to boost it.

Change your hairstyle, choose your best outfit, go to a party, meet with mates, visit the exhibition, get to know new people. You will distract from problems and perhaps, you get useful contacts and soon will be in the groove.

  • Meditation and sport

If you have a lot of negative energy, then hit the gym. In fact, sport contributes to the release of endorphins, so it is likely that after a workout you will feel better.

The alternative to the sport is meditation. This is a perfect way to set up a connection with the universe. Sit down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and concentrate on your plans. Eventually, you will feel peaceful and your thoughts will be clarified.

  • Clean up your house

Tidy up when you get the blues may sound surreal, but this method really works! Our home is always a reflection of our state of mind. The homes of successful people are always neat. You will never find a prosperous person in a bad mood in the untidy apartment. If you want to put things in order in your life, start with your property, clothes, and you will see that you will become more organized.

  • Search for opportunities

The pessimist always sees an obstacle, while an optimist sees an opportunity. Always be optimistic, because the world is full of opportunities, you just need to use them wisely. You failed, but it is not a reason for giving up, it is your chance for self-fulfillment, the search for new ideas, spiritual and intellectual growth.

  • Change yourself

You stuck to the old rules and suffered a setback; that is why you should adjust to changes and create new rules. Don’t be afraid of changing yourself, flexibility always keeps you in the race. Work hard on your character, seek for new ways to solve problems and you’ll be rewarded.

Thereby, life will always be full of joys and sorrows, success will be replaced by a failure, but this is absolutely normal. You should never lose faith in yourself and lose your heart. Remember, you do not have to avoid the rain, but to learn to dance in the rain.

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