Memoirs of Eva – 7

memoirs of Eva

I stared at his eyes, my mind swirling with passion. He kept looking at me, his fingers digging deeper and my breathe becoming more raged, more sharp.

You like that, don’t you? You like being my slut, no?” He dug his fingers deeper into me, his eyes never leaving mine. I cried out as he added a third finger and sent me on the edge, a wave of orgasm washing over me.

After I recovered, I looked up to see that famous smirk on his face. He pulled out his fingers from me and put them in his mouth. He licked them slowly, his lips swirling around them.

I averted my gaze, his actions getting me turned on again. He stood up from his knees and removed his tee shirt, his rippling biceps looking hard and strong. He stretched a hand to me and pulled me up from the chair.

Turning me around, he roamed his fingers through my hair and then kissed my back. Unclasping my bra, he roamed his hands on my breasts, kneading and squeezing. He removed the loose band on my hair and re packed it, into a ponytail.

He turned me around and kissed my forehead, then my cheek and my earlobe. He trailed his lips round my face, licking my nose and then my ear, biting it softly.

Eva, you know how much I still love you.” He kissed my closed eyelids and put his arm around me. “Believe me, I do.”

He looked at me for a moment and said, “Get on your knees and give me a demonstration of your talents.” I hesitated just for a moment, because I knew I could always say no. I was able to make a choice. And I had made my choice, I removed my arms from him and got on my knees and began to suck my lovers cock.

I wrapped my lips around his hardening cock, running my tongue around and over the tip of his cock. He gripped the back of my head and impaled his cock into my mouth. I could feel my throat open and his cock slide into the back of my throat.

While sucking his cock, I felt a pair of hands grab my ass and begin roughly kneading my ass, I then felt a cock plunge into my pussy. Or rather, a plastic cock. I had started getting aroused when my lover put the blindfold on me, so my pussy was already wet and ready for a cock.

The strange cock was pounding so hard in my pussy, I doubted it could be really plastic. It had been so long since I had a vibrator pound me so hard. My tits were swinging and I was having a difficult time keeping Dayo’s cock in my mouth. Soon, he pulled his cock from my mouth and began shooting his cum over my tits and belly.

After he shot his cum all over me, he jerked his cock as I knelt before him, his cum slut. He licked his lips and stood up, pulling me up with him. “Eva, Eva. My very own Eva. Lift your legs, baby.”

I lifted my right leg delicately, still feeling very shaky. Bayo squatted and took off my panties. Sniffing them, he smiled and dipped his tongue into my pussy and ran his tongue round.

Delicious, as always.” He stood and grabbed the back of my head and crushed his lips against mine again. After a minute, he released me and swapped me off my feet. I wondered if there were any more surprises for the night. I sneaked a peek at the wall clock. 12:03 a.m. seemed I was indeed going to call in sick tomorrow.

I settled into Dayo’s strong arms and sighed. Was I really here?

Hey” I heard Dayo say. “Are you okay?”

I nodded, unable to talk. Burying my head into his chest, I closed my eyes.

I heard doors unlock and open, the ruffling of curtains and the melodious of a song wafted through the speakers.

Annie Lenox’s voice drifted from the speakers, urging me to fall to Dayo’s spell. “I put a spell on you,” she sang, her voice taking me to realms I’d only imagined.

After what I imagine to be hours, I woke up confused about my whereabouts. The bed which I was lying on was soft and big and the room was dark and very cold. I shivered as I got up to wear something warm.

Throwing my legs off the bed, I felt a hand grab me.

I could reduce the air conditioner, just stay in bed.”

It was then I realized that an arm had been around me.

“Alright. Deal.” I said and laid back, snuggling closer to him.

You always could strike a deal even better.”

It comes with the business.” I replied before I snaked my hand down the blanket. It was still so cold, but with his arm around me, it felt better.

I could hear my ever awake subconscious warning me and pleading with me to head out of this. I couldn’t help but chuckle, ignoring the red lights in my head.

When I got to my destination, I pulled down his boxers and slipped my hand in.

“Someone wants to play?

I giggled for him to hear, no reply given.

“I love that sound. Always have, I really could get used to...”

I cut him short before he can get all mushy again.

Shhh,” I say, placing a finger of my free hand on his lips. “Let’s not spoil this with talk, okay?”

And even in the dark, I can feel his grin.

As your lordship pleases.”

I took a firm hold of his member and just rubbed it, from top to bottom. Nothing special, nothing as serious as a frantic hand job, just me enjoying how he felt in my palm.

I put my head on his chest and kept rubbing his dick. I really didn’t want to do anything, I was content with playing with him, my head on his chest and the silence save our breathing and silent whispers.

I felt him grow in my palm before I heard his sharp intake of breath as I moved my hands to his balls. What’s that saying – girls have got balls too, just a little higher – is it? I chuckled softly as I remembered it.

I was so content with how things were that I didn’t realize when Dayo sat up a little until he gently tugged my hand away from his dick.

Hey, Eva,” he started, “there’s something I need us to talk about.“Uh oh.

I sat up and pulled the covers round my naked self. Dayo turned on the lights and made to put on a pair of shorts. So, it’s time for modesty, my subconscious seemed to sneer. Again, I ignored it.

What is it?”

It’s about our son.”

I turned away from him, this was one topic I had decided to never speak about.

Our dead son, you mean. Let’s just forget it, it’ll be better that way.”

No, Eva. David is in fact not dead.”

Wait, what?



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