Korede Bello’s GODWIN music video

korede bello's Godwin video

Before y’all decided to add GODWIN to your names, thanks to Korede Bello, my name has always been Elsie Godwin aka Elsieisy…ask around. 😀 . I want to believe you understand what that means, right? If you don’t, I sincerely can’t help you. Supreme Mavin Dynasty released the music video of the chart topping tune, Godwin, created by Korede Bello, yesterday on their official Youtube page. The video was shot in Lagos by Adasa Cookey and features Mavin boss, Don Jazzy, and record mates Yaw, Elenu, Labi, Emma, and Dr. Sid among others. BOVI killed it!!!! And Yaw’s part though…LMAO. I have one concern though, Dear Korede Bello and you all, please don’t tell me that dance step of Korede twisting like a snake is going to be the new cool. PLEASE!NB: This is the first time i am truly seeing the fine boy in Korede…sincerely, me.Watch Korede Bello’s Godwin video below:

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