Whether as an individual or as a corporate organization, the major way to survive and thrive is to innovate. Innovation is about creating new products, processes or methods through the development of new knowledge or combination of existing knowledge. Basically, innovation is about ideas, new ideas. You know what they say about ideas ruling the world. Ideas attract resources from the environment. Open up yourself to new ways of getting results, better results. There is still room for improvement in whatever it is you are involved in. Innovation will bring the needed improvement.

Innovation can apply to your personal life, in your academics, business, (marriage) relationships or projects. Don’t allow thoughts of hatred to creep into your mind when you see good things happening in the lives of people around you. When you hear success stories of your counterparts and you are forced to wonder how they made it so fast or so great, remember that innovation is the way. Hatred is a negative emotion that can drain your creative energies. If you must hate something, hate the status quo and see how you can do things differently as a student, business owner or spouse.

Introduce something new. It could be in the packaging of your product or the way you render your service. As a wife, it could be in the way you serve your husband’s food. It could be in the way you arrange things in the house. What about being innovative in your dressing? Does it seem as if your counterparts are making steady progress on their projects but you are not? You should create time to think up ideas. You might also want to look out for the strategies your counterparts are using. Look for opportunities to learn new things. Expose yourself to new things that can add value to you. Now is not the time to hate, it is time you take to innovation and do things differently. In a short while, your success story will be out there for people to read. I believe in your greatness!

idowu omisore
written by Idowu Omisore – @IDgreatness

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  1. Most times, ingenuity is what sets us apart from the crowd. It’s what defines us.

  2. Like am so warmed up now with this write up. Thanks to you all am more inspired now

  3. Nice post. It’s funny how sometimes the hate motivates the innovators to innovate even more. Criticism is a double-edged sword.

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