The Mindset Of Men Women Need To Understand

understand how men think

Ladies feel they know a lot about men enough to get down with them at all times but you may be wrong.

Men feel women don’t know anything about how they think or act, hence can’t satisfy them completely.

Men always have this Ego, you may call it pride but I think that’s what makes them men.

A typical man has a lot on his mind than you think. A man feels he is capable and can be classified as a real man when he:

  • Has A Good title ( talking about who he is)
  • Does something worth it( His job or business) and
  • How much he makes ( the reward he gets).

Men love to take the lead. He knows what he wants and he would go for it. A man always puts it in his mind to achieve these three things before he can fully concentrate on a woman. A man always want to feel on top, to be respected, to be supported too. He always want to provide, secure, and protect you or his family. So he is always looking for a good source of income, creating a good name and personality for himself. After that is done, he creates time for a woman of substance to come in.

Unlike women who feel they are incomplete without a man that can fend for them, a man feels complete the moment he is fully capable and then settles with a woman. A man always love to be respected, broke or not. Don’t be surprised when he changes from one lady to another one when he raises his standard (now he knows what he wants). So before you get in too deep with him, be sure you are not an option. Men know the kind of ladies they want so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t end up with you with all you have done.

Am not supporting men here, am only hinting you on the mindset of men so you can adjust.

You can’t force a man to love you and he never wants to feel little than he is. Am not saying a broke guy can’t love genuinely but don’t be surprised if he later changes and looks for a greener pasture before coming back to that love.

Am not also saying that it’s only a rich guy that can give you full attention but if he is for real, he would have more time to think of you than adding all the three.

Ladies, learn to respect men. They could be funny at times. Make sure you get your bearing in his heart before you fall too deep.

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  1. Respecting a man is not the issue, not to be a feminist but what has the man done to earn the respect? Be it a man or a woman, respect is earned not demanded and above all respect is reciprocal

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