#WorldPoetryDay – Wading Through

#WorldPoetryDay - Wading Through

By Godwin Nani

Forging through the night of despairBeating through the shades for airTo make way for a big dayYet morning chokes in a tight wayWhere will you get the meansWhen filled with air is the sack for beansHow will you draw up smilesOn their faces away in milesWhen life turns a sharp bendFlashing the double-edged endAnd you scrape and scrap to fendExpectation mountsEvery moment countsWaiting for a brighter dayTo shine in a better wayYou wish to fill the gapAnd make to lick the sapBut the weary rain rendsThe waiting sunshine scorchesThey don’t understandYou find it hard to standThey’ve long hung on hopeThe drag becomes wet soapFor love they remember the little thingsFor greed they ask the blingsFor care they want you to bloomFor hate they love to shear your boomBut life listens to the song he singsOptimists hang on the stringsCarrying you on broad wingsBelieving time will bring great things

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