Love Literati Contest: ‘All That Matters’ by Deji-Folutile Blossom

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I have a perfect love life. My boyfriend is tall, dark, smart, intelligent, caring and handsome. He loves me so much and he looks at me with so much admiration in his eyes. I am the centre of his universe. I wish!

I have no one. No tall, dark, intelligent, caring or handsome boyfriend. That’s just a dream. A far-fetched wish. I don’t think I’m the kind of girl that gets the tall and beautiful guys. In fact, I don’t think I’m the kind of girl that gets any kind of guy at all.

I’m not any guys dream. I’m pretty ordinary. I’m the perfect description of imperfect. My face is too rounded, my eyes are too big, and my nose is funny. That’s just to mention a few of my imperfections. I don’t have that hour glass shape that every guy wants his girl to have. I’m not the kind of girl that people look at and just can’t stop looking. Like I said, I’m pretty ordinary.

The 14th of February is always a pain for me every year. It’s usually the time when I try to put on that façade of a girl that doesn’t care about not having a valentine or not having anyone that cares about her enough to get her a valentine’s gift. There was a particular period when I used to get myself something for valentines, but that even made me look more pathetic.

There’s a new guy in my class. Every girl has been talking about him. I don’t expect him to notice me. He’s gorgeous. I tell myself not to have high hopes. He can’t possibly ever like me. I can’t be his type. I’m no one’s type. I tell myself all these but I can’t stop myself from trying to look nice when I go for classes. I usually just have lip gloss on when I leave my room for classes, but now, I put a little lip-stick on. I’m hoping he notices me. My head tells me I’m a fool to think that he’ll ever like me, but my heart can’t help itself.

He spoke to me today. No, it’s not what you think. We didn’t actually have a proper conversation. He asked for my pen. Actually he didn’t really ask for my pen. He needed a pen and announced in class for anyone who had a spare pen. I didn’t. So I can’t really explain why I heard myself saying ‘I do’. He walked up to me, I gave him my pen and he said ‘Thank you’. I’d never forget that moment in my life. He said ‘thank you’. To me!

Guess what! We have an assignment and we’re expected to pair up. Guess who I was paired with! Him! I really don’t know how I plan to sit with him for over two hours and make coherent sentences but I’ll have to worry about that later. He asked me to wait behind after classes, so we could create a meeting schedule that would be comfortable for the both of us.

We talked for hours unending. We still don’t have a schedule, somehow, we completely forgot about that.  He’s such an awesome person! I never for once thought that his personality could be just as interesting as his looks. He has an amazing mind and heart to go with that pretty face of his. I could feel myself letting lose around him. I didn’t have to refine my thoughts before I opened my mouth to say them. I just said whatever came to mind and he thought I was interesting. Me? Interesting? I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was being an over blabbing fool but he thought I was interesting.

I’ve learnt so much about him in the past few weeks. Our assignment has been completed and submitted but we still hang out all the time. Isn’t it amazing? He’s almost as insecure as I am. I say almost because I really don’t think anyone can reach my level of insecurity but still! He’s not the image of perfection I had created for him and I’m happy about that. He’s way better! Sometimes he stumbles on his words, he’s really afraid of heights, he’s an effortlessly sarcastic person, he could be really annoying, he’s a terrible singer – and writer but despite all these, he’s perfect to me. All of his imperfections are what makes him perfect.

It’s been two years and now, I can confidently say that I have a perfect love life. My boyfriend and I argue all the time. He is the most sarcastic person to ever walk this planet, he does the weirdest of things most of the time, he doesn’t always say the right things but he’s such a darling. He is so sensitive, his heart is wondrous, his heart is kind, and his heart is beautiful. He loves me so much and he looks at me with so much admiration in his eyes. I am the center of his universe. He is the center of my universe. I am not perfect, he is not perfect and that’s what makes us perfect. I love him and he loves me and somehow, that’s all that matters.


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