Stranger In Her Bed (R-18+)

By Damescaucus.

The little table clock glowed a neon green, its light casting an uneven shadow on her desk. Rebby groaned and massaged her neck tiredly; realizing that she had yet again stayed back to work late. It was 9:20pm and she was tired and hungry. Her secretary and driver had gone home and she was sure she was the only one left in the office, save for the building security. A sudden wariness settle over her as she began to pack up and she wondered vaguely if she would be able to drive herself back home without falling asleep behind the wheels of her new Kia Spotage. Luckily, the roads were free and Rebby made it back home in 10minutes. Dragging her wary body out of her car, all she thought of was a warm bath, a cup of cocoa and the sweet smell of her fresh cotton bed sheet and downy-soft pillows.

The sound of giggles welcomed her as she entered her house. With a wary sigh, she tossed her car-keys on the small table by the entrance corridor, wondering why the twins were still awake. That puzzle soon sorted itself out as she made her entrance into the living room. Her twin daughters, dressed in identical onesies, were hopping all over Matt like little chubby chipmunks. And Matt, like the shameless, “Always broke” uncle he was, rolled on the floor – laughing like he’d just won the lotto.

Rebby couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her brother and her rambunctious 5 year-olds, playing mindlessly without a care. The twins saw her first and made a beeline for her, in childish excitement; hugging and almost toppling her to the ground.

“Mama, Uncle Matt bought us two boxes of chocolates…” said Bibby

“He also bought us lotsa Hannah Montana Fancy Stickers…” added Lin

“And Ice-Cream!!! The Mega-Plaza ones…” quipped Bibby, her rotund body vibrating in excitement.

“It’s almost 10pm. Why aren’t you two in bed? And where is Toke?” Rebby’s question served as the unwelcomed pooper in this kiddies squeal-ville and the twins’ scowl made it quite evident. Toke, Rebby’s maid/nanny scurried out of the kitchen, looking slightly flustered.

“Come on sis… relax. Toke wanted to shoo them off to bed but I refused. I’ve not seen these little angels in Months.” Matt explained.

“And whose fault is that Matt?” She asked him drily. “Besides, I hope the children didn’t eat any of the chocolate or touch the ice-cream? I’m not in the mood to deal with a case of sugar-high this night”.

“They didn’t touch it ma. I put them in the fridge.” Toke said, hoping it would buy her some measure of Grace to cover for the children not being in bed at the appropriate time.

Rebby gave her dirty looks and instructed the twins to be in bed by 10pm sharp before heading to her bedroom. She stripped off her clothes tiredly, left them on her bedroom floor and made her way into the bathroom to run a warm bath and soak in Essential Oils and Aromatherapy bubbles. Rebby didn’t
know how long she stayed in the bath but she managed to sleepily drag herself out of the tub and into her bed. She was out like a light in 5minutes. She woke up suddenly, confused and disoriented. She wasn’t hot – the Air condition was on. Not understanding the reason for the disruption, Rebby closed her eyes, willing herself back to sleep. Then her stomach growled fiercely. Aha! Hunger… it was hunger that woke her up. She had apparently been too sleepy to remember dinner and now, she was wide awake, in what was possibly the middle of the night and she was ravenous. With a tired sigh, she got up, pulled her night robe over her naked body and left the room.

The dimly lit living room seemed still and the house was quiet. Making a mental note to check on the twins after her midnight snack, Rebby headed towards the kitchen. She had just walked past her couch when she heard a groan and stopped curiously. She heard the groan again. It was coming from the couch. She hadn’t noticed anyone in the living room and was a bit worried that an intruder might have entered her apartment. Quietly, she tip-toed to the wall where the light switch was located and turned it on. The bright living room light beamed viciously and Rebby could see a leg flung carelessly across the edge of the couch. An apparently naked, hairy leg. Perplexed, she rushed to the couch to see who it was.

Lying on the couch was a total stranger. He was wearing an army green T-shirt, but that was it. The rest of him was uncovered and alert – literarily. His left hand held his turgid dick while his right hand clutched at his phone. He was watching a porn video on an iPhone4. Was that a Hublot watch on his right hand? Nah… can’t be. Rebby was transfixed to the spot. She couldn’t take her eyes off his dick. The stranger seemed frozen too. He stared back at her, speechless. In that few seconds, no words were spoken; just an uncomfortable, silence. Rebby was confused, angry and somewhat aroused. She wondered who the stranger was; what he was doing, stroking himself in her living room and how enticingly dark and thick his dick looked.

Rebby hadn’t been with a man since her divorce three years ago. Her ex had cheated on her with his very married boss. One day, he had come home and announced that he was leaving her. She didn’t stop him. She’d found out about his affair a week earlier and had confronted him with it. They quarreled and he blamed her for making him cheat.

“You’re always working. Too damn busy for your family,” he had lashed out at her.

“At least I’m working hard to provide a life that your lazy ass can’t afford,” she lashed back. “If not for me, we would still be living in your family boys-quarters in Egbeda and maybe by now, you would have saved enough to buy a fucking okada!”

“You’re the one with the Vanderbilt lifestyle!” he spat at me. Ha! Was that the best he could come up with?

“Was it not the life-style that you wanted? Wasn’t it my money you craved for? And like the desperate leech you are, you’ve found a supposed ‘bigger host’ and latched your suction tube onto her. Well good-luck with her. Your dick isn’t even worth me fighting for.”

She knew it was below the belt but she didn’t care. He had the nerve to cheat on her with an obese hippo and still had the guts to blame her for his infidelity. She wasn’t surprised when he moved out and sincerely, she didn’t care. She stopped loving him long before the twins were born. She was about to leave him when she found out she was pregnant and only decided to stay because of the kids. His cheating created the perfect excuse to kick him to the curb but before she could formally utter the words, “Get your shit out of my house”, he killed the joy by moving out. After he left, Rebby threw herself into her job; working hard and living for her children. Her ex wasn’t missed; neither by her nor by the kids. It was as if he never existed in the first place.

In her strive to climb the career ladder swiftly, her personal life suffered. She had several overtures but turned them down as quickly as they came. She just wasn’t ready for a relationship. Now, looking at this thick, fat and surprisingly, still erect phallus, Rebby missed being with a man. She missed the art of penetration. She wanted to be stabbed, in the vaj, by a thick, fat, throbbing phallus. She wanted to feel the morning after bruise after a night of relentless thrusting. The stranger cleared his throat and reached for his boxers; his brief spell of shock dissipating quickly.

“Er… you must be Rebecca… Matt’s sister”. He was trying hard to hide his mortification at being caught wanking, like a horny teenager.

“And you are…?”

“I’m Eromosele… Sele for short. I’m Matt’s friend”. Her look seemed to unnerve him. She liked that she had that effect on men.

“Sele, why are you jacking-off in my living room? That’s what I’d like to know…”

He hesitated for a few minutes then stared her in the eyes.

“Because I’m a little drunk… and randy as fuck.”

His answer shocked her. “You couldn’t wank in his room?” She asked him.

“No… he’s busy with his girlfriend in there.”

Rebby said nothing after that. She gave him a cold stare, letting her eyes slide down to his STILL TURGID DICK. Is this guy on Viagra? she thought incredulously. His dick is still fucking erect, gaddem! She turned and walked back to her bedroom; her hunger forgotten. In her room she paced agitatedly.

She was suddenly so ‘horngry’. She lay on the bed, trying to wish the feeling away but it wouldn’t go. The vision of that hairy leg thrown carelessly over the couch… the sheer girth of Sele’s phallus. There was no way she was going to sleep tonight unless she took a pill. With a sigh, she reached for the small vial of prescription sleeping pills and bottle of water she kept on her side-table. She popped two in her mouth and washed it down with water. With a resigned sigh, she lay on the bed and waited for the pills to take effect.

In her dream, she felt a hand lifting her duvet off her body slowly… as if being careful not to wake her. She felt the blast of the air-conditioner hit her naked body and reached to grab back her duvet from the mystery guy. He didn’t give it to her. The cold air blasted at her breast and tightened her nipples. She reached to squeeze them tenderly, trying to massage some warmth into their peaked buds. The mystery guy leaned close and she sniffed his perfume… or, was that deodorant? She couldn’t be sure.

She didn’t know why but she was comfortable with him and didn’t protest when he parted her thighs with his legs. The cold air hit her vaj and she clenched in anticipation. The mystery guy whispered something to her but she couldn’t hear him. Then she felt his phallus graze her clit. He held his throbbing member, guiding it and using it as some sort of clit-tickler; rubbing the cap of his dick up and down her clit. Rebby moaned. She loved this dream. She could hear him breathing hard above her and she widened her legs so he could tickle her some more. He beat her clit with his dick sending untold desire through her moist center. Rebby lifted her hips, spreading her legs wider, waiting for him to stop teasing her, urging him with moans. He finally gave in and jammed into her wet core without warning.

The penetration jerked her awake instantly; her eyes flying open to stare into Sele’s fevered gaze. Before she could let out her protest, he withdrew from her instantly… allowing the cold air hit her wetness. The sensation made her shiver. Then he jammed into her again and every rational thought she had, disappeared. All she felt was his thick phallus bulldozing its way into her like an industrial drill.

“Faster…. Faster….” she moaned out softly

He knelt between her thighs and pulled her hips closer. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist… then holding her hips, Sele began to ram her like a demon. Rebby tried hard not to scream but her moans became louder with every thrust. He fucked her hard till she couldn’t hold back and let out a scream as her orgasm crashed around her.


He turned her onto her belly and lifted her ass. She seemed to be catching her breath. He bit her rounded butt-cheeks lightly, caressed and tweaked her elongated clit before entering her again. She buried her head on a pillow to suppress her screams. He started fucking her; again slowly… making sure to give her time to build up her momentum. He changed position and knelt on one knee, the other serving as a balance. He suddenly began to move his waist, thrusting into her severally form one angle, then doing the same from another angle. He slapped her ass intermittently as his fucked her and Rebby could feel herself rushing to another climax. She began to bounce her hip up and down while he thrust in and out. Their differing tempo blending together to create an explosive sexually rhythm that pushed them to orgasm.

“Don’t stop fucking… I’m about to cum…” she ordered breathlessly.

Sele grabbed her hip and drove into her with frightening speed. Her breasts dangled wildly and her ass bounced crazily from the force of his thrusts. He felt his climax build and threaten to spill before removing his dick, aimed it at her butt-crack and shot his cum on it. He held her ass in place and watched, in amusement, as his cum slowly trickled down her butt-crack, down to her butt-hole before slipping out of his sight. Rebby collapsed on the bed; too tired to clean up and immediately fell asleep.

The effect of the sleeping pills on her empty stomach, coupled with toe-curling orgasm, weakened her totally. Sele stared at her as she slept. He couldn’t believe how effective the ecstasy pill had been. He didn’t think his dick would go down. Even more surprising, he couldn’t believe that he fucked Matt’s sister in her own house and on her bed. The woman was like the ‘Oprah’ of Investment Banking and he had fucked her. Smiling like a champion, he hurriedly got up, got dressed and left the room. He returned almost immediately to cover Rebby with the duvet, making sure to tuck her in properly before leaving the room.

Rebby woke up late the next day; tired, lightheaded, hungry and sticky. Her butt-crack had caked together. Her initial confusion gave way to horror as she sat up on the bed.

“Oh my God; I’ve been raped!”

She tried to think but her thoughts were a jumbled mess. She stared unseeingly ahead, trying to coordinate her thoughts when her door opened and Sele walked in. Her eyes burned with sudden anger.

“How dare you? How dare you take advantage of me, in my own home. I will have you arrested and locked away for life.”

“And what would my offense be?” He asked calmly.

“You raped me” she spat out at him in disgust.

“You didn’t scream out for help. As a matter of fact, I seem to remember you screaming out in pleasure… asking me to fuck you faster.”

“Get out of my house” she told him bitingly.

“Are you sure you want me to go?” There’s no one home; Matt took your car to go drop off his girlfriend and the kids went with him…”

Rebby’s eyes widened at the information. “Where is Toke?”

“I’m assuming that’s the nanny… she went with them. Its just you and me… alone…”

He allowed the word “ALONE” hang. Rebby eyed him suspiciously. She had assumed it was all a dream but apparently it all happened. She gave him a cursory glance, noting that he had showered and looked really good. He was also young… younger than Matt.

“How old are you?” She asked him

“I’m 28…”

He was three years younger than Matt. Great! He’s probably one of Matt’s hangers-on.

“What do you do?”


“Nothing? You carry an iPhone 4 and if I’m not mistaken, your wristwatch is a Hublot and you say you’re not doing anything? And you’re content with that?”

He shrugged nonchalantly. Rebby was irritated. The deed was done… She had fucked a complete stranger…in her home… in her bed! Now reality had set in and she didn’t like the view it was casting over her.

“Please leave and never speak of what happened to anyone; least of all, my brother.”

Sele smiled mirthlessly; gave her another nonchalant shrug and walked out of her bedroom. Rebby felt dirty. She got off the bed and went straight to the bathroom. Toke has to change the sheets when she returns. A few hours later, Rebby was was in the living room, showered, dressed in tights and a T-shirt, sipping coffee and relishing the exciting throb in her pussy from her romp with Sele. Matt entered the house with her twins who were giggling happily. As usual, they ran to her, hugging her at the same time, almost making her drop her mug. Toke entered the house, looking worried. Rebby ignored her.

“Matt… you and I need to talk”

“I know I have a lot of explaining to do… Let me start by saying, I’M SORRY sis.”

“And who was that boy you brought into my house?”

“Oh, he was still around when you woke up?” Matt asked in surprise. Rebby glowered at him. “He’s my boss’ son.”

“Your boss? Matt, you don’t even have a job!” She replied incredulously.

“I do sis. that’s why you haven’t seen me in months. I got a job with an oil servicing company… Ruxton Petroman Limited.”

Rebby’s brow furrowed. She knew the company. Rumor had it that it was owned by the Deputy Governor of a South-South State but was managed by the Deputy Governor’s Cousin. She didn’t know how true it was.

“As for my friend… I’m sorry for inviting him over without informing you. He called me late last night, after you’d gone to bed and asked to see me. I told him I was here and he asked if he could come over, because he wanted to get out of their house.”

Rebby didn’t want to admit it, but the story behind Sele interested him. “Why couldn’t he wait till morning?”

“His parents are going through a divorce so they are always quarreling. His dad found out that his mom had been having affairs with several of her employees… since he set up the company for her, he sacked and replaced her with Sele. So Sele is going to become the M.D. of SatoRush Limited and his momsie will just be a share-holder.”

Rebby felt herself grow pale. “Did you say SatoRush?”

Matt nodded, looking already bored with the gist. A smile slowly kissed Rebby’s lips and broadened into a delighted grin and eventually a delirious laugh. Karma was fucked up! She had just fucked the son of the woman who was fucking her ex-husband.

“Matt, give me Sele’s number… I need to take him out to dinner!”


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