Love and that other side (Duets)

Love and that other side (Duets) - elsieisy blog

1.) Without youWithout you my mind is at uneaseWithout you life’s transition tend to ceaseWithout you my weakness are prone to manipulationWithout you my sanity is restless, always livingThe soul to this model of bones and fleshResides in the loci of your existenceWithout you how could I find peace?This heart harbors love that prescribe to only oneTo one who appreciates itWithout you.How can this heart find joy?Without you I am strongly weakWithout you I am perfectly imperfectWithout you I am restlessWithout you, the feeling is just inexplicable@taku.zeeYou lime of the forestHoney among the rocksThou has become most precious than mine lifeA day I cannot spend without youA minute I can’t spare without thinking of youWhen I open my eyes in the morning,I see you,When I close my eyes in the evening,I only see your face in the darknessNo man I can think of,But only you.I try to fight the thought of you,but it’s like I’m waging a war against myself.I have become addicted to you,and allergic to your absenceOnly God can testify all these. 2.) It sure is loveYou can tag me myopicI don’t care,You can call me bumpkinI don’t mind eitherSome energy has taken a better part of meSo controlling and manipulativeI can be nubile, femme fatale, voluptuousBut what am I without love.If you don’t choose to take a step towards what you want, you would probably resigning yourself to a life full of despair.At firstI was afraid to accept that I was getting attachedbut it was eating me inside.Bangarang was the situation I was experiencinguntil I accepted the fact that I was in love@deemoyoCaught in between the first few textsThe chit chats that were supposedly intended to be casualThe charm within your laugh, that Irresistibly pulled my heart closer to yoursBody and soul antagonistically going otherwiseImpracticable, efforts to fight what was growing within becameutterly dumb I was, how could I fight a force so formidableit was loveCommanding harmony to the heart, soul and bodyI choose you,  I choose what it is, that circumscribes in this zone that we wander in wildlyI choose to dwell in the prescribed vicinityI choose to religiously concur with utters of this force’s commandI choose this love,  I choose not to fight it©taku.zee3.) Once again, one more timeDeeply rooted in the comfort zones of my infidelityShackled by some chains of lies, pride & egobecame oblivious to a love that was trueIn the delusional bed of roses, supposedly annihilatingDrowned within pleasures that brutishly assaulted your patienceI stretched your tolerance beyond prescribed limitsBut see sweetheartWhen night came,  I saw the beauty of the sun in the daylightI could appreciate the warmth of the daylightSpectacles of mirages fell and I could vividly seeA love that I lost,  a love so true and sincereRegret and a once numb conscience,  are overwhelming meLeft,  right and centre.I want you backHey sweetheartHow about some few more ‘I love yousMaybe till eternityOnce again,  one more timeA few more ‘I miss yous,  on moments of your absenceMaybe foreverA few more moments of our crazinessMaybe till I accept that ‘ I do’Maybe till death do us apartI’m sorry.*Joy*Never Again.The tears I shed in my sleep are just enough,The pain that rung in my heart is enough,The senseless thoughts I held on to are no more,For my time with you has elapsed,Our once dreamt forever is a past,A past that you so damn well saw to!My love for you was so true and pure,Yet to others you shamelessly sought refuge,Each night our bed I covered with roses,But to the thorned-covered mats you daily went,Patiently I waited for you by the door during my cold nights,But majestically you walked in each morning with no care,Anything for you I would have done just you to warm our bed,Yet everything you religiously did just to harden my already cold heart!Now you see the beauty of the sun in daylight,Yet I bask at the moon’s glory by day.Regrets can assault you from all corners just for my joy,Because I draw my own joy from one who sees my true self,You can keep wanting me back all night,As I’m always on the wanted side each day,Keep in mind that I’m the greatest love you never had,As you are the best mistake I never will regret.So sweetheart,All the I love yousAll the I miss yousThe part that I was to proclaim I do,The nightly moaningAll that and moreEven if the wrinkles on your face inscribe sorryAll that is gone.Gone and owned by another!

As written by: Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere, Debrah Nyaradzo Moyo & Joy Munde

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