Love Literati Contest: I am Your Last Destination by Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

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Your love falls like petals

In the beddings of my heart.

With you in my head,

I feel thousand years younger upon your lips.


Your love falls like dews

in the floors of my hearts.


This love, yours and mine, a beautiful thing as is,

Plants the art of your singularities

In the polarities of my feelings

As the beads of null and void

Cannot distort the 1001,1101,1011…

Binary of our affection:

This is our eternity.


I am you as you are me.


I am a lone beast in the

Arena of your mind.

You are the singing bird

In the cage of my heart.

We are covalent bond

Like the beards and the chin.

We are beards and the chin


You are the single arrow

In the quiver of my heart.

I am the many bushes

In the forest of your mind.

We are like candle

Which can’t do without its wick:

I am the candle; you are the wick.

Or bombs do without atoms:

We are the atoms making bombs.


I am uranium235.

You are uranium238:

Inseparable isotopes!

We are electric in a magnetic flux;

We are locked in one field.


You are not a half-read book

Let us merge thoughts,

Let our breath undress our thoughts,

Where feelings abound in unlimited boundary

You are not a half-read book,


I know you are woman-enough

And I am man-enough

Let us show how __ and__ we are,

You are my Woman-Dela; I, your Man-Dela

We are lovers with bag packs of emotions.


You, a drawn rainbow in heart of turmoil

The sweet fast bud only felt in the heart

The beat that beats around the mind

Let us, you and me merge thoughts

As you dwell in my garden as me reside in your bosom.


So many times, you have been abused in Abuja

If we can’t have Sex in Sussex, why the greed pile in Gombe?

If we can’t find Bridge in Cambridge, why the bomb blasts in Borno?

There is always a question, there is also an answer.

Even in these seasons, you are a yield in a season of love

Let us walk hand in hand through the day with the sun

And in the night with its moon with its shadows

Let us dance, soul to soul through creeks and catacombs

Let us sleep face to face that today will be for tomorrow

And wake in the evergreen dawn of you and me.



We will not be like father

Sitting in black and white on the wall.

No smiles, no emotion, just nothing; he is there

Knocked into himself with cancers and diseases.

We will not be this photograph.


We will not be like mother

Swimming in men’s galleries.

Imprisoned in cell phones, news papers and nets,

Telling father of his weaknesses in-between his legs.

We will not be this photograph.


Neither will we be like those whose

Faces are lingering memories

Reminding us, every day and now, to

Bid them byes at their graceful dive into nothingness.

We will not be this photograph.


We will be like you and me, this you and me,

Where heart breaks are far gone, not near, not near.

Where smiles and time are forever still, forever still.

We will make the memories ourselves, a sweet one.

Our eyes will never close and there will be no

Tear-paints splattered on our faces.

We will be this photograph where only words bleed.

We will be this photograph.



With you always in my head

I feel thousand years younger upon your lips.

Just like father confessed to mother:

I am the only alter boy in your alter;

I am your last destination.

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  1. I love! C E O never disappoints me. He’s fabulous with the pen. Great job as usual.

  2. Metaphors and similes beautifully applied in eclectic distances. A nice poem worth reading.

  3. An excellent poem embellished with figurative language.The similes,metaphors, personifications,and symbols make the message very clear.

  4. this is really great, with a beautiful step by step discription of a sweet proposed journey of love.. great one!

  5. Wonderful. God bless and prosper you. Thank you for flying high the flag handed over to you by your father Prof. Ezenwa Ohaeto, my brother and true friend.l know the sky wont even limit you.

  6. Fantastic piece, I absorbed the bond of Love as I tripped into the pool of Love.

  7. Undeniably, the poem is good and well built. Nice imagery and good use of advanced literary devices. As a poet myself, I must confess “your work is packed full” but however, I hope that lady you wrote about is already your wife and not just a bed-mate. Christian virtures apply still, you know. Love can be beautiful, amazing and mind blowing “God’s way”. Also you don’t have to compromise Christian standard, to obtain glory and fame. You can get these in doubles, “God’s way” too.
    Keep it up, men! See you @ the top.

  8. Beautifully coined words and gallant literary devices that paints love so much in a way that can make a single wish to be in love . Superb imaginative piece !

  9. The comments above mine have said it all— this poem is exceptional!

  10. What more can I say! I am enthralled! Thanks for the voyage through the timelessness and vista that your poem has splayed before me. My eyes and soul are married in the inference that you, my brotherly, are a great poet! Bless ✌!

  11. Full of metaphors and similes. Good imagery able to pull emotions and feelings. Good structured poem for love.

  12. i love the your play on words,the flow of the poem and the beautiful images it projects. sex in sussex,greed in gombe,bridge in cambridge and bombs on borno…..nice one

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