Love Literati Contest: ‘Love’ by Ene-Obong Affiong

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It’s a verb
For some it ebbs away
For another it comes to stay
For others it is superfluous
For most it is dangerous

For Mr. A it could take a minute
For Mr. B it could take months
For Mr. C it could take miles
For Mr. D it could take moments

For that lady, it slips off her fingers
Like a baloon loosing air
At the beginning when it is found
It makes her flip her hair
Her heart skips
She looks before she leaps

For the man, he rattles on
Like a parrot
Telling its owner about a stranger
He has bastardized the word
Such that it has lost its meaning
We can only understand its meaning
Through God and His Word

He sings songs
Laced with lush lyrics
He pecks her on the cheek
She blushes red in excitement

She smiles and screams in her sleep
He uses the word frequently
He sweeps her off her feet
Could this be a dream
She soliloquizes at dawn
And cries in the dark
Could he be the man of my dreams?
She wants to kiss his feet someday
But she asks herself, ”is he worthy”?

He uses the word
Only if I knew the intent of his heart
Then I could speak of him with confidence
You cannot know the intent of a heart
Except you go to the Father
His endearing words glided through my spine
Cascading to my bones
That I was relieved after bouts of pain
I didn’t know his aim
But I decided we could play the game
The game of two hearts
I finally popped the champagne

I raised my glass
And let out a wide smile
I have found it!
I let out a wider smile
I yearned for it
And I earned it

But, was it for me?
Was he for me?
As much as I wanted him
Did he want me?
His actions spoke for itself
So did his reactions
I hope for the best
I didn’t want to settle for anything less
I would rather not say I expected the worse

I built castles in the air
Hoping for the one
Cupid would approve of
May he felt the same way
And didn’t know it
May I was on a wild goose chase

He was everything!
He was a hunk, handsome,  humble
Every girl’s dream

I couldn’t imagine he would take a walk
He was more than a brother
Though he said I was more like a sister
I didn’t want to hear him talk

It wasn’t just about the word or verb
Or about the moments we shared
Or you woke me up
While I was in bed
It was about you
And how I wanted to stay true

I couldn’t watch you cry
I couldn’t tell you a lie
I couldn’t wait to see you smile
I couldn’t wait for your dreams to come true

Love has been replaced
Love has been misplaced
Love really hurts
I still love you.

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