Love Literati Contest: Holy Halo by Scott Thomas Outlar

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 Part I


Your love is like the most precious rose,

grown healthy and strong in fertile soil

that has been cultivated with care

by a greatly skilled gardener

who is blessed with the wisdom

passed down by many generations

about how to feed the roots

with the proper nutrients to ensure

that the flower reaches a stage of perfect fruition.


Your love is like the most delicious wine,

aged in oak barrels for several years

before being uncorked

to allow the sweet aromas to rise for the senses.

The first sip swirls around my mouth,

teasing my tongue with hints of vanilla and lilacs,

sending happy sensations through my mind.

The initial glass brings a smile to my lips

as I taste tones of earthen flesh

from the region where the grapes were grown.

The second glass intoxicates my blood,

and a fierce longing to hold you tightly

increases dramatically with passionate yearning.

The emptied bottle leaves me laughing,

happily soaring with the spirits

of a drunken Dionysian revelry,

imagining you pressed closely to my chest

as we spin and twirl

under the light of the moon and stars

to our own special tune

while creating a unique tango never before danced.


Your love is like the most exquisite jewel,

excavated from the deepest core of the planet

where the molten magma of volcanic fury

matches the heat that burns in my heart

when it synchronizes with the beauty

that is birthed from your angelic soul.

Not just one jewel, but a thousand;

one to adorn a golden chain

that hangs around your gorgeous neck

in a spot that I can kiss close to your breast;

one to dangle from each of your elegant ears

that I can whisper into gently during the evening;

one to fit smoothly upon your finger

that I can place there with a sacred vow

to cherish you always beyond the ends of time;

one to clasp securely

upon every ornamented space of a crown

that can be held atop the hair on your head

and worn as a holy halo

so that all the men and women of this world

know that you are the Divine Goddess Queen of my life.


Part II


Your love is like the original pulse of creation,

infused with the Holy Spirit Vibration,

embedded in the core of the first atom

as the Big Bang explosion erupts outward,

sending a signal of evolution’s song

to scatter throughout the vast cosmos

before finally coming to rest

in the depths of my heart

where your sweet symphony of salvation

constantly hums with the flow of blood

that circulates through the veins of my system.


Your love is like the rising waves of an ocean,

pulled by the forces of a magnetic moon,

infinitely connected with the consciousness of nature,

lifting my soul to the highest possible peak,

carrying my body atop a powerful tide

as the sound of splashing water

strongly surges through my ears

and then gently sets me down on the shore

where your arms are waiting to steady me once more

with the divine comfort of your holy touch.


Your love is like a beautiful leaf in autumn,

falling from a tree where I sit in the woods

to land upon the page being written in your honor,

granting me a wish that you’ve already fulfilled,

gracing me with the harmony of a happy moment,

guiding my thoughts to align more closely with yours,

reminding me that the intimacy shared

between two swans in perfect synchronization

is more precious than any other emotion on earth.


Part III


Your love is like a waterfall from Valhalla,

pouring down to earth in heavy waves

that wash away the dirt from my skin,

baptize my soul with a spiritual salve,

and rinse out the speck from my eyes

so I can clearly see

the beautiful rainbow that appears

as a reflection of your heart

after the storm has passed.


Your love is like sugar in the morning,

scooped into a cup of coffee

to sweeten the early hours of each day

with a wonderful taste

that teases my tongue

and sends an electric buzz

surging through the blood

while every cell of my system

is lit up in energetic ignition.


Your love is like a song of the holy spheres,

an opera of God that bursts in the heavens,

a melody whispered from the lips of angels,

an echo that resonates throughout all of creation,

a powerful note infinite in its scope,

an elemental sound eternal in nature,

a masterpiece,

a symphony,

a lyric


in form.

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  1. Beautiful lines of wisdom and wealth flowing through out the verses. I enjoyed reading the entier words of peaceful delivery. Great images and pictures.

  2. These are a beautiful set of poems! There is a staying kind of peace in the lines that’s appealing and calming.

  3. Beautiful and elegant verse that is rich in imagery and speaks to unconditional love with a tranquil feel that drenches the heart with a peaceful tone. Excellent piece by Scott.

  4. A beautifully penned write of soft and imaginatively descriptive romantic devotion. Always such a pleasure to read Scott’s poetry and when read aloud by him his poems come alive off the page.

  5. A superior poem, penned with love and genuine depth of heart. It sets the stage for a stunning evening by the fire with glasses of wine after a passionate meal, certainly, dessert cannot be far behind?

  6. The words you put on the page are more than words. They are feelings. Expression. Repression. Bold and bright. It moves me. “To do dangerous thing with style is what I call Art.” Bukowski

    This has style. Overflowing.

  7. This is not some mushy love poem; this is a writing of dedication by a skilled wordsmith. Well done Scott Thomas Outlar; you have my respect as a poet.

  8. An incredible piece of writing!! The love came up off the page and fills my heart…

  9. Your vivid expressions are so eloquent that at some point I thought myself face to face with your muse.

  10. It is a wonderful poem revolving round the theme of love. The imagery used is full of life and enhances the richness of the poem immensely. I really enjoyed reading it and would like to express my best wishes for our talented poet, Scott Thomas Outlar.

  11. Scott, this is incredible! Beautiful, intense, calm. I could see it and feel it. Splendid!

  12. as always you get to the heart of love and what it can inspire. Great job my friend

  13. Such emotion, so delicately weaved… awesome and powerful write, Scott!

  14. Scott’s poems resonate with the deepest level of human feeling. Beautiful and moving as always.

  15. How wonderful.. In truth, I’ve always found love poems to be the ultimate lyrical forms of confession and this rang loud and true “from the rooftop.”
    It’s announcement was ethereal and it also occurred to me how true it is that when men fall in love..they raise the pedestal of a woman to great heights quite like you did in this one!

  16. What a delicious poem. So sensual and sensory driven. The pictures created in my mind by the verse were ever so lovely along with the power and beauty of love itself. Much applause.

  17. What a delicious piece of poetry. So sensual and sensory filled that the pictures created in my mind were a lovely gift from this talented word master.

  18. This piece is beautifully written. Thank you Scott for sharing your talent with the world.

  19. Excellent poetry with beautiful imageries strung together like in a piece of exquisite jewellery of precious stones and pearls. Elegant yet sensuous, simple yet profound, modern yet metaphysical Scott has woven a world of love so brilliantly that the reader yearns to live there forever!

  20. I always enjoy Thomas poetry. Delighted with the great love description and analogies, 766 words. Well done!

  21. I’ve read this poem before. It’s beautiful in your words. I’ve always liked Scotts work. It’s a nice play of words without a set style. It’s always a big pleasant surprise as you read along!!! Good luck with your contest.

  22. So intense love poem…
    I believe such love exist within us.

    Thanks for letting us believe the existence of such love…
    Great Scott…

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