Love Literati Contest: ‘My Eternal Love for You’ by Modebe Ikechukwu

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Your smile as beautiful as the sun,

Your tender touch as soothing as the moon,

Your laughter as refreshing as a flowing river,

Your kiss as sweet as honey,

My perfect description of love.


As I fall back in bed; I cannot help, but wonder in open-souled amazement;

How much I am in love with you,

The aura around you emits love,

The scent around your nape so fair and gentle akin to that of a new born child,

Your words of encouragement are like a footpath  in my forest of confusion;

Like an umbrella from the scotorching sun;

Like a shade from the boisterous wind;

Like a winter coat on a cold winter night.


The consciousness itself that I am not alone in my struggles through life,

Has always been my talisman, which I use to ward-off evil spirits of discouragement, fear and anxiety.

Your assuring words have always been like a pillow; each time after the struggles with the forces of darkness, I find comfort when you are not with me.

I feel lonely, but not alone because I know your shadow is always with me,

This is made manifest in your words  of wisdom.

Your words are like streams of a thousand rivers- bold, firm, and never ceasing,

I cherish every moment we shared together;

Every night we were wrapped together in the dark under one blanket- giving one another warmth of love, laughter, companionship, and faith in the zenith of the winter’s cold,


I remember that magical moment- the rhythmical changes our hearts experienced when we first kissed,

I remember how I have watched you sleeping for a while akin to an Angel,

I fondly remember how we gave ourselves to one another in trust and in love,

I remember firmly the gentle and tender sighs you made on that cold winter’s night; knowing fully well that it was your first,

I remember how droplets of tears trickled down your pink cheeks when you realised it was all over,

I remember how we promised to love one another till the very end,

I cherish the blessed day I became one with you; in body and in soul,

I enviously admire the days we would engage in child-like squabbles and within a twinkle of an eye settle it like adults,


I will not forget so easily the first time our eyes met; how we both deliriously looked away for fear of the unknown borne out of abrupt confusion; our hearts kept throbbing.

The night of that incident was momentous for me; in my mind’s eye I was engulfed with the question of how on earth did I stumble upon you?

It was fate that brought us thus far,

I remember the first time I approached you;

How difficult it was for me to shut my mouth,

As you spoke all I could see was a fair lily; my fair lily,

Your voice was like that of a goddess enwrapped with incomprehensible wisdom from on high,

Each time you spoke I must confess, like James Blunt will always say’’ you take my heart away.”

I bless the day I met you wearing that pink gown; I cherish that romantic evening I asked you to be mine and you were affirmative.


I grudgingly hold fast to the surprise you gave to me on my last birthday,

Indeed, my fair lily words alone are only ,but feeble sticks to construct the mountain of love I have for you,

I feel so blessed to have you in my life; that is why sometimes when we are alone all I want to do all day is- to lay my head upon your supple breasts and fall into a realm lost in awe of you; to savour your sweetness, to shut my eyes to the world in hope to reawaken in a place where it is just the two of us.

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