Shattered Hope

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry – Submitted by Babalola Damilare Skete

Anti CHIDERA was so fantastic with fairy tales. But she will soon bore me with her stories. She had started spitting disgusting part I hate to ear. She always insist on telling me not to play ‘nairabet’ with my heart whenever It was ripe enough for me to stake my feelings for love, I have always ended up discarding and naming her theory archaic.

I joined sekinat sexy. It was her name because everything about her body was actually sexy.Our plan to meet at the joint was shrugged off…we produced a good map for it.She was leaning her back against the wall. Her butt collapsed on the executive white chair. A ‘fil’ ear gadget hung comfortably across her Evelyn king nice knitted hair, she was listening to “on our wedding day” We sat facing and throwing romantic glances at each other. Lovely giggles and crackles were inter-exchanged excessively. She littered my head with crumbles of popcorn, and popped la casera at me. We made mockery of many boring and interesting things we endured and enjoyed. She buried my head between her thighs, slapping me at the back as a remark for my endurance. It was a mixture of nine awesome and ugly years. I held her arms and together we walked back memory lane from the day our path crossed hitherto. Those fateful and faithful days when

Her background was not my concern, when it was her backside that caught my eyes with spell bound attraction. How she swung it hither and thither like the epic church pendulum which was enough to make the angels commit fornication. How I was behind her one day, evaluating with my eyes the way her lanky legs suggest the tune while her ‘bom bom’ danced to it. How her handful needle-nipple breast spinned my brain with romantic lunacy.  How I was a monitoring spirit till her presence faded into the near distance before she completely disappeared into thin air.

She lived adjacent Rab filling station.

How I got back home where it was dry as Hell. How I felt weary and retired into our house which was an empty asylum of loud silence. How I sat alone and lonely and allow the thought of her consume the whole me.*How i met her again. The day she was swinging her body to the market, how I whispered in nervelessness and determination. How it was neither YES or NO, how her flashing smile overturned my countenance.

How every word ebbing from her lips was a soothing relief to my soul. How I rejoiced back home rubbing my palms in joyful glee.  How my mind jumped out of my mouth when the news of her critical state of health bulldozed my eardrum, how I gladly offered my kidney as a burnt offering for our love.**she went ahead with her own version. How shyness becloud her the first day I faltered her movement. How she was unimpressed with my cheap fake stories and lies, how she later gave it a benefit of a doubt, how her mom was a Margaret thatcher. How she was forced to admit me in as a family friend after I had donated my left kidney to sexy. How she would hop to my crib whenever she felt my absence was terrorizing her, how she always turn a deaf ear to fake friends each time they prophesy “break up” . And how it was impossible for us ever to walk together down the aisle because she was betrothed to a man since birth already.

She heaved this last terrible statement with great force and it banged in my head like it was going to break. It twisted my heart in confusion. Depression engulfed me. I wanted to mutter something but words forsook me. Hot sweat drew lines of dejection from my armpit down my rib. Tears formed in my eyes threatening to dissolve already. It took few more minute for me to decide my next line of action after I saw my heart butchered into shattered pieces.

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  1. “Her butt collapsed on the executive white chair”. I love that part. I didn’t get the story line at first but two to three reads saved me.

  2. Can’t stop crying, so emotional, please take heart Lols. Good write up, like the use of words and a touching ending. Keep it up dear

  3. Her butt collapsed on the executive white chair.I love that part. So very creative

  4. Nice. The writer just need to correct some of his mistake. with time perferction is near

  5. Sekinat sexy was sexy till the time she decided to break your heart. This is a story of great lesson never to put ones all eggs in one basket

  6. I can see a new version of shakespear here. Keep the gd work goingHappy val in advance.

  7. Skete. I never know you have gone this far in your writing skills. God help you more and even more.

  8. There are girls like ‘sekinat’ or what’s that girl name. They specializes in breaking mens heart into such pieces. Mcheeeew.

  9. Guy, pick up the shattered pieces. You have got to wake up and gather some new hope. Good love story.

  10. The story poleaxed me with old memory. So tragic that It should have cost me my sanity. Very terrible. The story isn’t bad,though.

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