Love Literati Contest: ‘My Distant Lover’ by Rukayat Yaro

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I see you in my thoughts and dreams.
When I’m awake, it feels so real. You’re not here to comfort me
But soon I know you’d be.
“Soon” that’s what you promised
I hold on to that so tightly ‘cos I don’t want my Love for you to cease.

No one really understands or knows:
How your love makes me glow.
My Love is your own
Please come, Let’s make our house a home.

My Heart races each time you’re close
It’s like you’re my drug and I took an overdose.
Thinking about your smile lightens up my mood
Each time loneliness makes me brood.

Though you’re far away
You’re still so close
Your memory still lingers in me
In the way my hips sway
That night still in my head, times like this I’d never want to lose.

In your arms, I feel at ease
Your soft kisses and tender tease
The way your touch makes me warm
I’d love you until the break of dawn.

Our Love, travels over the seas
Over mountains
Over oceans
In the sky, it radiates
The moon, it illuminates.
Oh how our love shines
Even in the darkest of mines.

I’ve never asked for much
Just for the beauty your love brings.
The Serenity
The Sanctuary
The Amity
And the Happiness your love gives.

Sadness fills me when I see lovers cuddled up in the park
Carving out their names into the tree bark
And you’re not even close
Tears fill my eyes as I’m filled with sorrow.

Doubts settle in:
I wish i could ignore
But why does it seem like you don’t care anymore
No, that’s a lie
You painted our love in the sky
Lately its been torment
I Miss you.
Every Kiss.
Every Moment.

I want to be wrapped in your warm embrace
Body and soul joined with grace
Our hands intertwined
As we fill each other’s space
Our hearts beating as though we were in a race.
Let me fall asleep to your heartbeat.
After I grab the sheets.

I admit the long and need is killing
But your phone calls stop this feeling
I can hear the hunger as you whisper my Favorite words
I love you too i say.
Our favorite words.

I may not be the prettiest in the world
Not treat you like my Lord
But I do know that you know I’d never trade you for anything.
Even If I haven’t gotten my ring
You’d still be my King
And I your Queen.

I want to live with you even when we’re ghosts
Cos you were always there for me when I needed you the most.
I don’t see anyone taking your place
And then reality slaps me in the face
What you give me, no man can replace.

Love they say is a beautiful thing
But with you, mine is even more Beautiful.
You’re the sun In my darkness
The reason my heart bleeds less.
You bring the sparkle into my life
Someday I hope you make me your Wife.

Here’s my promise to you
I’d be your muse
For as long as time would take
Cos without you my heart would ache
I love you more than I can say
Please promise you’d stay!

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  1. it’s a piece worth reading…
    the arrangements of words are great.
    Awesome piece.
    Good job.

  2. Touching, Deep, Romantic & Emotional! An Exciting Read! I Love it!! Thoughts are real… It’s scares me that she has all of this in her head to share..

  3. Very interesting.. Wondering a lot about where the inspiration came from. You write heart heavy peoms that’s a great feat.. Nice piece

  4. I don’t usually read things like this but I read this to the end. it’s a very nice piece, heart warming. keep up the good work.

  5. Lovely pieces like this evoke memories of love once shared, how good things used to be. Brings back a rush of emotions and makes you wish you could have it all back.

  6. Dis is an awesome writeup,I just wish I can say all of dis to him, so emotional, NYC one babe

  7. Honestly, I really dont know how you write so effortlessly. This is a very touching piece. Every Paragraph has you feeling very emotional.

  8. Ha baby girl, this is just wonderful ????. Told you you’re an awesome writer. Dont stop writing ????

  9. This words of yours. Makes a sunny day, those sweet exquisite lines of your own rhymes made me soulless, dig up my bones and leave my soul alone.

  10. Wow! What a beautiful piece. I didn’t want it to end, I can read this over and over again. Kudos to the writer, you’ve done very well ?

  11. If I say u are Amazing, I lie! This piece is the best I have seen in a really long time!your choice of words, style and u almost used every litery term known to man! I feel honoured by reading this piece.keep it up don’t let the fire on mind and hand bund down.ur ink will never run low

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