Just ONE Night (18+)

“I need you…”

That was today’s message. As usual, it was succinct. He never minced words. He would rather get to the point, or say nothing at all. That was his style……His way. She sighed. The messages had been coming every day for the last one week and it had begun to unnerve her. All she wanted was for him to leave her alone. Or was that what she wanted? She didn’t know anymore. With him, she was confused. She couldn’t read him, couldn’t tell what he was thinking or up to. All she knew was that she was still madly attracted to him. Even after all that went down.

Get out of my head…… Please…… Just get out of my head

Another message. It had only just come in. She felt like screaming out. She felt like walking up to him and hitting him till all the pent up emotion was gone from her. She felt like running away with him. She felt like…..

I need to see you. Please, I’m going mad. I just want to see you. Maybe seeing you would calm me down. Make this madness go away. Please sweetie…..

She should ignore him. She didn’t want this mess. Too many things had gone down. They’d agreed not to date. They were friends. Best of friends. But their chemistry was driving a wedge through that friendship. The blasted chemistry was in the way. She couldn’t see clearly. He couldn’t see clearly. The chemistry needed to go. And the only way it would go was for her to meet with him. She knew it was just an excuse to see him but she was willing to take whatever option made her feel less guilty. It had been 8months since she replied any of his messages. She’d been surprised that he’d kept her on as a contact. She’d expected him to delete her. He didn’t. She could never understand his ways. She didn’t even want to. All she wanted was for him to leave her alone… Go far away. Yet, a part of her wanted him near. Forever. That silent brooding eyes that tingled her to her very soul. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Even much more, she imagined. On her phone, she typed in the words..

Dinner. 8pm. Crochet Lounge

Her heart beat fast as she dropped the phone on the bed like hot coal._______________________________

She saw him almost immediately she entered the Lounge. As always, his looks took her breath away. This was one handsome man. Whoever ended up with him would have truly lovely children. Suddenly self-conscious, her wrap-dress began to feel too tight and seductive around her body. She hoped she wasn’t sending him a “Fuck-Me-Now” message with the dress. It had been her last option though. Seeing as Nepa had struck before she got home, there was no way she could have ironed the officious looking shirt she wanted to wear over her officious looking trousers. This dress was her best best under the circumstances. Taking in a deep breath, she made her way towards him. As she approached the table, he got up with a smile. The gentle man in him helped her pull back her chair and waited for her to sit down before going back to his. There were no fond kisses and hugs but the tension between them could cut through iron.

Sexual tension.

She stared unseeingly at the menu for a bit, trying to calm her nerves and gather her thoughts. She knew he was watching her. No words were spoken for a while.

Do you want a drink?” He asked.

No thank you.” Came her curt reply.

What about food, Want to order anything?” He asked again.

She appreciated his efforts. He was trying to douse the tension. It didn’t seem to be working. Her nerves had wound tighter than a tortoise’s ass. She was about to scream out in frustration. Tears burned the back of her eyes.

Farouk, Please leave me alone.” She pleaded softly, her face in agony.

I can’t. I’ve tried. I can’t. You’re my drug. I’ll probably O.D on you but to leave you alone? No. I can’t. I won’t.” His voice sounded calm and somber, but she could hear the determination in it.

How can I make this end? How can I make you go away? Tell me, And I’ll do it, I’ll do anything…..” She reached out and touched his arm on the table. He pulled away from her abruptly.

I don’t want you to go away. I want you forever….. You and I….. Sync…..Remember?” He looked serious. She sighed.

You and I….. Bad. You, Muslim. Me, Christian. Different background. Different lives. Different dreams. We’ll be a disaster.” She said.

There was silence. That deep, turbulent silence. The silence that only they understood.

One night with me….. Tonight….. Just you, me….. Us. Alone. No thoughts. Let me be yours….. Your Umar….. For just one night. And I swear, I won’t ask anything of you anymore. It will hurt me, but I will keep my word.”

He sounded sincere enough. She gave him a half smile.


She got up and walked out of Crochet Lounge. He remained seated. Not because he was surprised she said yes. But because he had a massive erection that didn’t want to go down. The minute she approached him, his cock sprang to life and valiantly remain erect through their conversation. Everything about her was a turn on and deep down inside, he knew he couldn’t truly let her go. Grabbing the menu, he got up with a self-conscious smile at the nearby waiter, used the menu to shield his very prominent bulge and hurriedly made his way out of the restaurant.

The waiter smiled in his wake, knowing instinctively what the handsome young man’s predicament was. He counted slowly to ten then went after him, to retrieve the menu.________________________________

The drive to the hotel was a silent one. He’d offered to take her home but she refused. Her premise was simple… “If they fucked in a hotel, it would make the whole experience impersonal for them. She didn’t want to complicate an already difficult situation. His home would be too intimate and if she ventured there, he might coerce her to stay on for the rest of the weekend. She couldn’t risk that. She didn’t want to risk it.

At the hotel, she kept her eyes on her phone while he made the arrangements. She was aware that several curious eyes from the reception desk were trained on them both. But she didn’t mind. This was going to be her first and last frolic with him. The judgmental eyes could wait. The room he took, had a balcony. It was a windy night. She needed the fresh air. Kicking off her shoes, she padded out, barefooted, to the balcony to soak in the night breeze. The city looked beautiful at night. Bright lights littered the place, making it look like the sprinklings of fairy-dust. She heard him moving about inside the room but didn’t turn around. There was something so serene about the scenery before her that she wanted to shed her clothes and laugh out loud.

She didn’t hear his footsteps but she knew he was behind her. She was amazed at how aware she was of him. They’d never made love before but they knew they had that dangerous chemistry. They liked themselves too much to be lovers. They had both agreed that dating would be a disaster. So their friendship had remained. It was hard being friends with someone you wanted to fuck so badly. She’d seen him pass through a few relationships and flings. He’d seen her go through same. She’d been madly jealous. He’d considered murdering all her lovers. Still, they remained friends… Until he’d began his Text-Assault eight months ago. She turned to him with a smile and accepted the drink he put in her hand. Vodka. She chuckled and took a gratifying sip. He sipped from his glass also….. But his was water. He didn’t touch alcohol.

They stood in silence and sipped, soaking in the breeze and scene then he took her glass from her and dropped it on a small table at the balcony. She knew what was next and was prepared for it. She watched him turn to stare at her; his eyes drinking her up thirstily. They came together, willingly… His kiss soft on her lips… Tenderly parting them to delve into the warmth that was her mouth. She shivered slightly as their kiss deepened and his hand reached for her breast. The night breeze caressed her gown, raising it slightly till her thighs were exposed. Then the breeze eased and let her gown settle down. He pushed open the V-neckline of her gown, exposing her flesh. He kissed her shoulder and smiled as she threw back her head and moaned. His lips returned to her mouth while his hands untied the knot of her wrapped gown and pushed it open. She was naked beneath. No bra….. No panties. An involuntary groan escaped him as he stared at her naked body.

Shet! You’re beautiful sweetie….. So beautiful….. And you smell so good.” He said, his voice thick with emotion.

She slipped out of her gown, shame replaced by searing need. He shed his clothes quickly and pull her close to his naked body. From a distance they created a scene of perfection….. naked and needy in the dark balcony, surrounded by night lights from a far distance. She lifted her leg and placed it on the table at the balcony then slowly tugged at him, urging him to crouch down, pushing his head further down till he was kneeling before her and she could feel his breath on her pussy. She didn’t need to urge him further. He knew exactly what she wanted and was ready to please her. His lips made contact with her pussy, his tongue tasting her salty, slimy essence. He licked all of her up, grabbing her ass and pulling her close as his tongue began to burrow into her. She grabbed his head and moaned aloud as he pleasured her with his tongue, flicking and teasing her clit endlessly then stopping to tongue-fuck her. He felt her shake, her legs trembling as her orgasm began to build up. He licked her a few more times till her grip on his shoulders tightened. He got up, led her to the balcony rails turn her round till she was grabbing the railings, her legs spread apart. He entered her abruptly and felt her clench her pussy muscles around his thick cock. He fucked her hard and fast, his pelvis, slapping her ass, her breasts swinging and slapping against themselves like stocky pendulums while she held the on to the rails for dear life. He was endowed, hard and brutally precise at hitting her spot. Her legs almost buckled as she came, screaming out his name. He paused and allowed the tide of climax wash over her till she hung over the rails, limp from passion. He pulled her to him and kissed her again, feeling her shiver.

Cold?” He asked with a smile

She nodded shyly and he led her back inside, closing the balcony doors behind them. Inside the room, the air conditioner was on but it was turned down low. She spotted the bottle of vodka and took a swig from it. The alcohol burned a path through her throat to her guts, warming her on its way down. She saw him pick up the remote and punched a button. Nothing. He punched another button. Still nothing. He picked up a laminated paper on the center table in the room, perused it briefly then punched a button. Beyonce’s voice filled the room. He turned to her to see if she wanted him to change the music. She smiled, swigged more vodka and danced towards him.

“……I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking…I get filthy when that liquor get into me…I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking…Why can’t I keep my fingers off you, baby?I want you, na, na…Why can’t I keep my fingers off you, baby?I want you, na, na…..”


Pushing him on the bed playfully, he allowed himself fall back with a chuckle. Swaying seductively to the music, she climbed over him on the bed and began to kiss him tenderly… His lips, his nose, his eyes, both earlobes, the pulse point throbbing by his neck, his chest, his nipples, his incredibly flat stomach, his belly button……

He was watching her, his eye dark with desire….. His cock massively erect, looking like a panting anaconda.

“…..We be all night, and everything’s alright…No complaints for my body, so fluorescent under these lights…Boy I’m drinking, walkin in my l’assemblage…..I’m rubbing on it, rub-rubbing…..If you scared, call that Reverend…..”


He groaned as her mouth covered his cock, taking it in slow. He raised his head to watch her suck his tip so lovingly and felt like ramming his cock down her throat. She sucked him off, taking him deeper and deeper down her mouth till she could no longer stretch her throat over it.

God! I’m going to fuck you till I faint”, He growled as he pulled her up to kiss her.

She spread her legs wide across him and sank down till her pussy touched his cock. He didn’t wait for her to sink on to it. He rammed into her from beneath, filling every inch of her. Her scream of pleasure reverberated around the room as he kept on ramming into her from under, making her bounce up and down.

“…..Surfboard, surfboard…..Grinding on that wood, grinding, grinding on the wood…..I’m swerving on that, swerving, swerving on that big body…..Been serving all this, swerve, surfing all of this…..Good, Good…..”


She fell forward, her face inches from his, their eyes locking. He stopped fucking her, his eyes conveying every message in his heart. Staring into his eyes, she began to move her waist, rotating it round and round, with his cock firmly ensconced in her…. Then moving back and forth, increasing her pace. He lay still and allowed her fuck him, holding her waist and allowing her dictate the movement. When she felt him jerk a little, she began to ride him…. HARD. Bouncing up and down on his dick till he couldn’t help himself and began to thrust from below. She rode him faster and faster till she began to whimper. Grabbing her waist, he thrust into her fast and deep, touching her cervix and making her jump and wince pain.

He pulled out of her and turn her on her back, missionary style. He kissed her again, resting a bit of his weight on her as he kissed her as if he would never end.

“…..You’re never tired, never tired…..I’ve been sippin’, that’s the only thing that’s keeping me on fire, me on fire…Didn’t mean to spill that liquor all on my attire….I’ve been drinking, watermelon….”


She mouthed the words…… “…..I want your body right here, daddy….. I want you, right now…”


He smiled at her and said, “I love you so, so much sweetie. Ba za ki gane ba”.

They smiled at each other, then he began to move, thrusting slowly and kissing her intermittently. She held him tight, pushing her hips forward to match his movement, loving the feel of him above her. He increased his pace, fucking her like he didn’t want the moment to end. Her screams, moans, movement and touch mixed together made him almost feral. He lift her left leg high, spreading her apart and thrust in deeper. He rammed into her a few more times and began to groan as his release rushed, pushed out and spilled deep into her. He heard her thrashing beneath him and knew she was coming again. He thrust in one more time and this time leaned on top of her, panting and emptying all of him inside her.________________________________

After they’d rested, he pulled her close possessively, loving the feel of her soft body against his. He heard her sigh and kissed the back of her neck.

Farouk?” Her voice was soft, sated.

Yes sweetie….?”

You know we can’t be friends after this right….? Right….?” She asked.

He said nothing. She knew he heard her.

I’ll probably fuck Quentin and a few of your friends….. Just to piss you off and push you way.”

In a flash, he was above her, his eyes burning fiercely in a subtle angry way. He part her thigh roughly and reached down to touch her pussy, his fingers parting her folds to tease her clit. She gasped and widened her legs, giving access to penetrate her.

If you do that…… I will kill them!

With those words, he thrust into her again and again till all that could be heard were grunts, groans, whimpers and sighs.


 Written by Dame. You had better visit her site for hot romantic stories. www.damescaucaus.com


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  1. It’s a sex story not how we fell in love story judges. Read and move on. Love is not sex. Get married and don’t have sex na. Baby will fall from heaven

  2. Abi o. Which one is sex is not love, sex is not enough. Love is not sex either, and love is not enough. Abeg I enjoy it. It’s a nice Bedtime story.

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