Egoistic Sorry

Egoistic Sorry - elsieisy blog

by Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere

Its so sad the sand castles by the seasideWill eventually get washed away by the tideIts a pity,every promise I made silently diedHeartaching that every honesty I had , I got bribedI built you an empireI built you a castleAll this by the seaYou were queenI was kingBlissfulIt seemedIt never lastedIt got washed awayBy a big tide of decietYou were insanely perfectYou were way too faithfulShockingly honestlyAnd truly lovingBeauty to aid the personalityThe body , all a man could wantFor all that , I slackedBlinded by the pleasuresI chose to lieLies that now haunt meBecause every moment with you was a treasureWhat if I get some rectifiersRebuild the circuit againThis time with no current distortionMakes no sense , but something censed back my sensesNo spellI wanna be THAT man you thought I wasThis time around no deciet, secrets and liesI am only saying what ifLest my ego gets flashed down the drainI am a man , I hold down to itIts the manhood before my manhoodLest I lose it , I would rather keep it on the safe tower.I had the guts to tell you this thoughI am sorry

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