The Problem of Youth

At twenty-four years old my only real memory of children’s day is singing the song ‘parents listen to your children, we are the future of tomorrow’. I might have the lyrics a bit wrong but you get the point. Unfortunately, I am now almost half way to thirty and not only is there an obvious lacking of young relateable politicians in the leading class, there is also a serious youth unemployment problem thanks to lack of opportunity and nepotism that keeps the influential on the top ever deepening the wealth gap. While I enjoy a good chin wag, or should I say finger wag as I am typing, pointing blaming fingers will not solve anything as we already know why our nation is in the state that it finds itself.

The question now is what do we do about it? In my humble opinion it is about time the Nigerian youth take matters into our own hands and begin to invest our efforts in self-determinism as opposed to reliance of a government that has neglected us for more years than I care to count, or on a limited private sector ever enlisting the help of contract staff to avoid paying wages adequate to work done.protesting youths

As most entrepreneurs will tell you, the road to starting your own business is hard even with support. Walking that line alone is too much of a task to be demanded of anyone. As the gods of fortune would have it ever out of our favor, Nigeria as a society lacks in both governmental and social support. Our parents that lived in the good old times when jobs were waiting for the taking after graduation from universities that didn’t strike are still of the mentality that finding a job is the only route to success or at least is necessary to prepare one for entrepreneurship.

It is time to rethink our route to success and take matters into our own hands or risk growing into a generation popular only for our consumption of pop culture which has become the leading stereotype held by a lot of older generation Nigerians as was reflected in Babangida’s remarks that the youth of today are not capable of leading Nigeria. As much as I believe there are more than enough capable young Nigerian men and women for the task of leadership, I will admit this is a very small minority compared to the whole and we owe it to ourselves and the nation to start showing the traits that will earn us trust points. Just imagine how different Nigerian politics would look if the youth gave it only half the attention given to our current pop culture.

Written by William Moore -
Written by William Moore –

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