February 14 is celebrated world over as St. Valentine’s Day. It’s to honour the memory of a man who was renowned for showing love. Over the years, it’s become synonymous with lovers. Well, who can blame us? We show love to our neighbours every day, right?

We at HOUNGE LEISURES have planned an ‘offshore’ tour, specially for you and your significant other. By offshore, we mean outside Naija!


Oops! I let the cat out of the bag with that title. Now you know where ‘offshore’ would be.

Porto Novo is the political capital of Benin Rep. It’s a pot pourri of Ogu (Egun), Yoruba, Portuguese/Brazillian and French cultures. The good part, all artefacts are still well preserved.

The French are reputed to be most romantic. A Val’s day in a French atmosphere against a Portuguese backdrop…

Since Val’s day is a Friday (and not a public holiday) we will be going on 15th, to return 16th. Transportation would be provided from Badagry to Porto Novo and back.

Once there, we’d visit the Musee Honme (a UNESCO cultural heritage site), dance Adjogan (a royal dance) before heading for dinner and all night groove. 16th, we’d have a French breakfast before heading ‘onshore’. 😉

I had to skip the surprises 😀

COST IMPLICATIONThere are two categories:

Platinum: N23, 500 (per couple)

Exclusive: N28, 250 (per couple)

These would cover hotel, food(dinner+breakfast), transport, border formalities and visit to tour sites.

Payments should be on or before 7th February.

Contact:’Seun 07030305425BBM Channel C00476AF8Twitter: @hounge_

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  1. Per couple? What of does that don’t have bf’s like elsie and I make we kuku join all dem mami water do vals maybe after that we could get spiritual BF’s #WalksAway

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