In-between Long Distance Relationship and Friendship

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Traveling is one of the best activities one can indulge in, ever. You get to see new places, experience new culture and meet new people. Traveling enables you to see the world not just from your small corner but from different places and the eyes of others. It is one hobby I do with all joy but it has to be in comfort.

So on my way back from my last vacation trip to Tanzania, we had a layover in Addis Ababa. There I met a cute young Nigerian man. At that point, I was craving “Nigerianess”. I just wanted to meet every one and anyone Nigerian. I think I had seen too many Tanzanians and Ethiopians that I missed conversing with a Nigerian – man or woman. So when I saw him sitting in the hotel’s restaurant, I knew he was a Nigerian, his stylishness gave him away, I walked up to him, he was friendly and we kicked off a good friendship. A friendship that would be hindered by distance and time.

5/6 years ago, I would have sworn that the best relationship for my type of person has to be the distant one. But time and needs are beginning to change all that for me. As much as I love my space and freedom, I crave companionship sometimes, hence the need to find a balance. Most times, we meet the best people on business and/or fun trips but let go because we cannot deal with long distance relationship.

I started a conversation on long distance relationship on twitter where majority agreed that the success of such relationships depend on the individuals involved and their level of communication and commitment.

Some were however of the opinion that long distance relationship cannot work in a baby relationship. If at all there is hope for such long shot, it has to come into a relationship that has grown over a period of months. In this case, those involved have had enough time to know, learn and understand each other’s love language and communication style.

Also, I had the same conversation with an elderly friend of mine who has lived in over 10 countries, and he categorically stated that long distance relationship can and will only work when there isn’t a barrier and enough room for spouses to travel together or visit each other whenever. Their schedules have to make room for such flexibility in order to make the most out of their relationship.

Now what do you do when you meet your seeming Mr. or Mrs. Right on one of those trips? Don’t let go. Build friendship. Take care of that line In-between Long Distance Relationship and Friendship. You never know what the future holds. Thanks to digital. Keeping in touch with the day to day activities of a person you care about, who cares about you too, is no longer a difficult task. The world becomes smaller with the help of the internet. Get to know each other and make plans, you never know what the universe has for you two.

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