List Of Common Sins In The Bible Vs List Of Common Sins In Nigeria

List Of Common Sins In The Bible Vs List Of Common Sins In Nigeria - elsieisy blog

By Onuora Onianwa

LIST OF COMMON SINS IN THE BIBLE1. Sexual sin2. Theft3. Murder4. Lying5. Avarice6. Pride

LIST OF COMMON SINS IN NIGERIA1. women wearing traza or jeems2. Women using makeup, wigs and high heeled shoes3. Women not marrying4. Women not borning children5. Having boyfriend or girlfriend6. Not serving in any position in church7. Missing any church service, even if due to childbirth or injury8. Not agreeing to call your pastor any of the following or any closely linked nomenclature; papa, daddy or my father9. Not agreeing to everything you hear in church, even if it contradicts the Bible10. Asking your church leaders questions or trying to show they got something wrong in action or in the interpretation of the word of God12. Travelling without seeing the pastor first13. Not agreeing to marry who pastor said you should marry14. Not attending every single church program and night vigil15. Not dancing when everybody else is dancing during praise and worship16. Not singing if everybody else is singing in church17. Not joining the church/fellowship branch when you get to the university level18. Not obeying “spiritual instructions” that violate conscience19. Not marrying a member of the same church20. 1 – 6 of the common sins in the BibleSMH ooo!!!

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