Incredible Tips on Extending Your Life the Easy Way

Incredible Tips on Extending Your Life the Easy Way - elsieisy blog

The search for the fountain of youth is much more than a story about Ponce de Leon. We are all actively seeking the fountain of youth for ourselves. We are all looking for secrets to enhance and extend our lives. These are some incredible and easy tips which you can implement today to increase the quality of your life and extend it.

Start Moving

Exercising is an investment into a longer life which can now be measured. A doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has conducted a study which offered some interesting results we can measure in correlation to the time we spend exercising and the amount of time working out can extend our lives. The study shows we can roughly estimate a return of seven minutes of life extension for each minute of moderate to vigorous exercise we perform. This research makes exercising to extend life and add quality to our lives less abstract and more concrete. It is excellent motivation to get up off the couch and take a brisk walk as soon as possible. You could also walk to your local dentist in places like Aurora, CO.

Get Nutty

A study was conducted over decades that focused on people and their consumption of tree nuts. The study found people who ate them on regular basis live longer lives as attributed to the oils found in the nuts. Consuming serving of nuts 28 grams or higher at least four times per week showed the most life extending results. This is an excellent reason to increase the amount of tree nuts you consume in your daily diet. This is an easy and delicious way to eat your way to a longer life.

Keep on Working

Recent studies have shown people who keep working past the age of 60 live longer. Many health experts are advising people to make a work plan for post-retirement. They are saying that having a plan for doing some type of work tied to personal passions, is most ideal. It’s being said that having a plan in place to continue with some type of work is just as important as financially preparing for retirement to ensure a long and healthy life. It will also help to assure you continue to receive health benefits from your local health club or dental group.

String Out Your Life

The online publication of released an article which makes the connection of flossing your teeth and extending your life expectancy. They cited American research which has shown people suffering from gum disease have a heightened risk of coronary heart disease. Why? Because gums that have been compromised by disease are more likely to pass disease causing bacteria into the bloodstream. This tip coupled with regular dental checkups and cleaning can help keep you healthy and alive longer.

If you want to stay youthful longer, start implementing these steps into your life now. The sooner you start following the tips we shared today, the more time to spend with your family, friends and loved ones.

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