Linda Ikeji Social: Early Thoughts & Expectations

One of the top gossip bloggers in Nigeria and indeed, Africa, Linda Ikeji, Launched her Social Networking Platform – Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) on the 1st of November 2016.

Linda Ikeji Social: Early Thoughts & Expectations - elsieisy blog

According to the controversial blogger, LIS is simply the combination of her already known blog – Linda Ikeji blog and the giant social networking website owned by one of the youngest richest man in the world, Mark ZuckerbergFacebook.

I must say this is a very bold and ambitious step. I am very proud of what she is doing with her brand.I have read reviews from different blogs such as Paddicanpages, Techcabal, OgbongeBlog, Techpoint and others, and they have in all honesty, been fair to the brand.Repeating all they have said will be a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. Which is why this post is simply me sharing my expectations of the platform as a blogger and social Media Manager in the not so far future.I hope her team gets to read this:

1.  A Mobile App:

In all honesty, since I decided to sign up on the platform yesterday night, all I have been wondering is why exactly Linda Ikeji Social does not have a mobile application yet? I mean, I’m not understanding. Like my friend said today,  ‘aiye ni mobile wa‘ Or is it ‘mobile ni aiye wa‘. Every Blogger struggles with having a mobile responsive theme. The rise in the number of people who access the Internet via their mobile phones has experienced a surge in the last 3years.Asides not having a mobile app, the website seems to be very none mobile responsive.Please make our life easier if you want us having fun on LIS. Let your website become very mobile responsive and give us a Mobile App!

2. Website Integration

If I’m going to be active on the page I opened for my blog on LIS, then your developers have to make it possible for me to share my contents automatically to my LIS page just like I can to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. If I have to manually do things I do on other platforms automatically on LIS, then it’s a total turn off for me.

3. I need my freedom!

Oh yes I do! While trying to own an account on LIS, I ended up opening two different accounts due to the delay in getting the activation email. I ended up signing up with my Facebook account. I decided to go deactivate the other account on LIS but realised I can’t even get out. I should have the right to delete whatever activity I have going on in LIS when I think I do not need it anymore. I can delete my Facebook account, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and even BBM channel when I want to, why can’t I do so on LIS? Please work on that ASAP!

‎4. Interaction:

I will love to be able to share my followings’ awesome update on LIS to my wall, so that my followers may have the opportunity to see the awesomeness or stupidity (as the case maybe) that I have seen. This helps users grow their followings/followers and share information too. I will also love to mention or tag a friend or following on the platform.Of course there are too many expectations and improvement I look forward to seeing on LIS that I cannot share here but this is good. If her team can get it right, then this will be really good. But to say Linda Ikeji Social is out to take over from Facebook? Mbanu!… No! Think again…I am not seeing the competition.Create your own Linda Ikeji Social account here and follow me HERE

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  1. In my opinion, I think she would have made more impact and reached a larger extent if she started the brand with a more unique name other than her name. Come to think of it, if Mark Zuckerberg used his name instead of Facebook, would you have stayed this longer? I hope she considers changing the name.

  2. We are only comparing Linda to Facebook because Facebook seems to be the standard. Apart from the fact that she needs indispensable features like the mobile optimization which you mentioned, and alot of storage capacity for caches, I believe she has a fair start up there, I have read the reviews and they’re quite brilliant. I wish she or her team can get to see those. I personally want her to think beyond the features on Facebook even if she is going to imitate Facebook; if it ends up like Facebook, I will stay with the original but for the ease of running adverts there. So Miss ikeji, the job has barely begun, no need to say the web interface is choked up. There should be a brilliant synergy and balance with a simple look. meanwhile, I know people will get used to it as by time, she might use a little more professional tech consultation alongside the free reviews here and there, e go epp!

    1. Well, getting used to it is quite relative. There are options people are used to already.\n\nAnd the idea of having to see feeds from her blog, first, on the home page is another turn off. \n\nI will prefer clicking somewhere for the gists on her blog if i am interested in it or switch the news feed for the ‘Activities’ feed. Except she is planning to redirect her blog url to Linda Ikeji Social then it will make more sense and drag more traffic\n\nShe definitely needs professional tech consultation. \n\nI wish her success.

  3. I haven’t tried logging in or signing up but judging from the above comments, i think leaving the name as “LIS” is better off the the full “Linda Ikeji Social”, for example nobody really refers to it as “Blackberry messenger” anymore u know, it’s BBM

  4. so many users complained about being unable to access the site for several hours while others said they did not get their confirmation emails for many hours after attempting to sign up.. So she definitely has plenty work to do.

  5. She has taken a bold step. Its only a matter of time before we know if LIS is here to stay or not.I feel LIS for now is an extension of LIB

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